Roger W. Barnard's Vita



     Primary: Complex Analysis (Geometric Function Theory)

     Secondary: Special Functions of Mathematical Physics




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  6. Institut Mittag Leffler, August 2012.
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     Talks were given at American Mathematical Society annual meetings: (every year from 1972 to 2013 except 1985, 1988, 1992, 1993 and 2003).


  1. Organizer: Special Session on "Complex Function Theory and Special Functions" at AMS Regional Meeting, Lubbock, Texas, April 2014.
  2. Organizer: Special Session on "Contempory Complex and Special Function Theory" at AMS Regional Meeting, Waco, Texas, October 2009.
  3. Organizer, Advisory Committee, Plenary Speaker: "International Conference on Geometric Function Theory, Special Functions and Applications, Pondicherry, India, January 2006.
  4. Organizer, Advisory Committee, Plenary Speaker: "International Workshop on Quasiconformal Mapping," Chennai, India, December 2005.
  5. Organizer: AMS Special Session on "Recent Developments in Geometric Function Theory," Lubbock, Texas, April 2005.


(More than half of these as invited 1 hour speaker, including 35 conferences outside U.S.)
  1. Special Session on "Special Functions, Combinatorics ans Analyse," AMS Meeting, U. Arizona, October 2012.
  2. "International Workshop on Complex Analysis and Integrable Systems," Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2012.
  3. Special Session on "Applicaitons of Special Functions in Mathematical Physics," U. South Florida, March 2012.
  4. "Computational Methods and Function Theory" at Bilkent University, Andara, Turkey, June 2009. (chaired a session.)
  5. Special Session on "Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials" at AMS-PIMS Meeting, Vancouver, B.C., October 2008.
  6. Conference on "One and Several Complex Variables" at University of Kentucky, May 2008.
  7. B. Twomey's Retirement Conference "Complex Function Theory" at University College Cork, Ireland, April 2008. (chaired a session.)
  8. Participation in Classical Analysis Conference at University of North Carolina, September 2007. (chaired a session.)
  9. Special Session on "Complex Analysis" at the CMS-MITACS Joint Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 2007. (chaired a session.)
  10. "Tag de Functiontheorie" at RWTH, Aachen, Germany, June 2006.
  11. "International Conference on Complex and Harmonic Analyis" at Aristole University of Thessalonki, Greece, May 2006. (chaired a session.)
  12. Special Session on "Special Functions and Polynomials" at Regional AMS Meeting at University of Notre Dame, April 2006.
  13. Plenary talk at "Recent Advances in Operator Related Function Theory," honoring Peter Duren's 70th birthday, Madrid, Spain, October 2005. (chaired a session.)
  14. "Computational Mehtods and Function Theory V," Joensu, Finland, June 2005. (chaired a session.)
  15. Plenary talk at "Analysis Conference on the Interplay of Complex Variable, Probability and Partial Differential Equations," honoring Al Baernstein's 65th birthday, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, May 2005.
  16. Mathematisches Forschungainstitut, Funktionentheorie, Oberwolfach, Germany, February 2004.
  17. "Praire Analysis Seminar" at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, October 2003. (chaired a session.)
  18. Special session on "Cosntructive Approximation Theory," Seville, Spain, June 2003.
  19. "Nevanlinna Colloquium" and "Workshop on Metric Spaces," Jveskala, Finland, June 2003 (chaired a session.)
  20. Seminar at Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2003.
  21. International conference on "Quadrature Domains and Applications" honoring H. Shaprio's 75th birthday at University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, March 2003.
  22. International conference on "Geometric Function Theory" honoring H. Grotzsch at Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, May 2002.
  23. Special session on "Topics Geometric Function Theory" at Regional AMS meeting at University of Michigan, March 2002. (chaired a session.)
  24. Special session on "Geometric Function Theory" at Regional AMS meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, October, 2001. (chaired a session.)
  25. "Computational Methods and Function Theory ’01’ ," International conference at Aviero, Portugal , June 2001.
  26. Special session on "Complex Variables" at Regional AMS meeting in University of Kansas, March 2001.
  27. "Workshop on Planar Harmonic Mappings" at the Technion , Haifa, Israel. January, 2000.
  28. "Mathematical journey through analysis matrix theory and scientific computing International Conference honoring R. Varga’s 70th birthday at Kent State University June ,1999. (chaired a session.)
  29. "International conference on Analytic Functions" honoring J. Krzyz's 75th birthday in Lublin, Poland, September 1998. (Gave Plenary lecture and special lecture honoring Krzyz and chaired a session.)
  30. Computation and Control VI conference, Montana St. U. August 1998. (Chaired a session.)
  31. NSF Summer Research Conference honoring Richard Askey's 65th birthday. Mount Holyhoke College, MA, June 1998.
  32. Special session on "Modern Function Theory" at AMS meeting in Louisville, KY in March 1998.
  33. "International conference on Computational Methods and Function Theory" III. Cyprus. October 1997. (Chaired a session.)
  34. Conference on occasion of Haakon Waadeland's 70th birthday, Trondheim, Norway. June 1997. (Gave plenary talk.)
  35. Special session on Geometric function theory in one and several complex variables" at annual AMS meeting in San Diego, CA. January 1997.
  36. ODE to Linear Algebra and Rational Approximation Conference, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. November 1996.
  37. Workshop on Convolution Operators, University of Wyoming, July 1996. (Chaired a session and obtained local support for 2 accompanying graduate students.)
  38. Mathematisches Forschungainstitut, Funktionentheorie Oberwolfach, Germany. April, 1996. (Chaired a session.)
  39. Special session on Elective approaches on training teaching assistants," Annual AMS meeting, San Francisco, CA, January 1995.
  40. Special session on Geometric function theory in one and several complex variables," Annual AMS meeting, San Francisco, CA, January, 1995.
  41. International workshop on Geometric Function Theory (gave principal address), Lublin, Poland, June, 1994.
  42. Banach Center Symposium on Complex Analysis, Warsaw, Poland, June, 1994. (Chaired a session)
  43. International conference on New Trends on geometric function theory and Appl., II," Penang, Malaysia, March 1994. (Unable to attend, personal reasons).
  44. Annual Function Theory Conference, Dortmond, Germany, June, 1993.
  45. Mathematisches Forschungainstitut, Funktionentheorie Oberwolfach, Germany, Feb., 1992.
  46. Mathematisches Forschungainstitut, Constructive Methods in Complex Analysis Oberwolfach, Germany, Feb., 1991.
  47. International conference on New Trends in Geometric function theory and Applications" Madras, India, July 1990. (Chaired a session)
  48. Special session on Complex function theory of one and several complex variables" at Regional AMS meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas, May 1990.
  49. Special session on Geometric function theory in one and several complex variables" at Annual AMS meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, January 1990.
  50. Conference in honor of G. Schober, Indiana University September 1989. (Chaired a session.)
  51. NSF-CBMS conference on Scientific Computation on Mathematical conjectures," Butler University, Indiana June 1989. (Chaired a special session on open problems.)
  52. International conference on Computational Methods and Functions Theory, Valparaiso, Chile, March 1989.
  53. Symposium of Computational Aspects of Complex Analysis," Phoenix, Az January 1989.
  54. Mathematisches Forschungainstitut, Computational aspects of complex analysis, Oberwolfach, West Germany, August 1987.
  55. 9th Conference on Analytic Functions, Lublin, Poland, June 1 - 6, 1986.
  56. Solar Energy Conference, Anaheim, California, April 13 - 16, 1986.
  57. Special Year in Complex Analysis, University of Maryland, November 1985.
  58. Special Year in Complex Analysis, University of Maryland, September 1985.
  59. International symposium on the proof of the Bieberbach Conjecture at Purdue University, March 1985.
  60. National Science Foundation Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences Regional Conference on J-Inner Matrices, Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio, September 1984.
  61. Special session on complex analysis at regional meeting of the American Mathematical Society Meeting at San Diego State University, California, October 1984.
  62. Third regional conference on numerical analysis, North Texas State University, September 1984.
  63. Mathematisches Forschungainstitut Oberwolfach, (Complex Analysis), West Germany, February 1984.
  64. Special session of American Mathematical Society Meeting, Fairfield, Connecticut, October 1983.
  65. Regional conference on Numerical Analysis, Texas Tech University, September 1983.
  66. Symposium on Numerical Analysis and Computational Complex Analysis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland, August 1983. (Chaired one of the sessions)
  67. Conference on Geometric Function Theory, University of Kentucky, May 1983.
  68. Eighth Conference on Analytic Functions, Blazejewko, Poland, August 1982. (Unable to attend due to political unrest.)
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  74. Special session of American Mathematical Society Meeting, Charleston, SC., November 1978.
  75. Special session of American Mathematical Society Meeting, San Antonio, January 1976. (Chaired one of the sessions.)
  76. Geometric Function Theory Conference in honor of M.S. Robertson's retirement, State University of New York at Brockport, June 1975.
  77. Complex Analysis Conference in honor of S. M. Shah's retirement, University of Kentucky, May 1975.
  78. Conference on Univalent Function Theory, University of Kentucky, June 1973.
  79. Complex Analysis Conference, Kent State University, June 1972.


  1. Editor for The Journal of Analysis
  2. Associate Editor for Computational Methods and Function Theory
  3. The Complex Analysis and Special Function Theory Editor for the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
  4. Associate Editor for International Journal of Computational and Applied Math


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  8. Bulletin of the Institute of Math, Academia, Sinica
  9. Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  10. Colloquium Mathematicam
  11. Commentari Mathematica Helvetica
  12. Communications in Mathematical Analysis
  13. Complex Variables, Theory and Application
  14. Computational Methods and Function Theory
  15. Computers and Mathematics with Applications
  16. Constructive Approximation
  17. Glasnek Mathemalicki
  18. Hacettepe J. of Mathematics and Statistics
  19. Houston Journal of Math
  20. Indian J. of Pure and Applied Mathematics
  21. Indiana University Mathematics Journal
  22. Integral Equations and Operator Theory
  23. International J. of Analysis
  24. International J. of Math and Mathematical Sciences
  25. Journal d'Analyse Mathematique
  26. Journal of Approximation Theory
  27. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
  28. Journal of Inequalities and Applications
  29. Journal of Math Analysis and Applications
  30. London Math Society Proceedings
  31. Mathematica Slovaca
  32. Mathematical Communications
  33. Mathematical and Computer Modeling
  34. Mathematische Nachrichten
  35. Mathematische Annalen
  36. National Research Foundation of South Africa
  37. National Science Foundation proposals
  38. Pacific Journal of Mathematics
  39. Pan American Mathematics Journal
  40. Proceedings of CMFT '95 conference
  41. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
  42. Research Council of Canada proposals
  43. Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
  44. Science and Engineering Research Canada
  45. SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis
  46. The Ramanujan Journal
  47. Transactions American Mathematical Society

     Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews


     Active participant in the following (each of these met from one to three times per week):

  1. Noyce Scholar Seminar, 2010 -2015.
  2. Analysis and Geometry Seminar, Texas Tech University, 1973-present (except for two years away); organized and directed this seminar 1978-1981.
  3. Applied Mathematics Seminar, Texas Tech University, 2010-present.
  4. Presented 8 lectures on Harmonic Measure in Analysis and Geometry seminar 2000
  5. Differential Geometry and Algebra seminar for 1999-2002
  6. Control Theory Seminar, Fall 1996, Spring 1997.
  7. Differential Geometry Seminar, 1995, Spring 1996.
  8. Geometric Function Theory, WÄ urtzburg, Germany, summer 1993.
  9. Also attended regular classes in Numerical Methods in Conformal Mapping, spring 1990.
  10. Fracture Mechanics, spring 1990.
  11. Sinc Methods in Numerical Analysis, fall 1990.
  12. Introduction to computer languages, spring and fall 1990.
  13. Quasiconformal mapping seminar. Texas Tech University spring 1989 (organized and directed this seminar.)
  14. Complex analysis seminar, Indiana University, spring 1985.
  15. Numerical analysis seminar, University of Kentucky, fall 1984 and Texas Tech University fall 1989
  16. Geometric function theory seminars, Texas Tech University, fall 1982 and 1985-1986.
  17. Several complex variables seminar, Texas Tech University, fall 1982, spring and fall 1988, fall 1989 and spring 1990.
  18. Applied mathematics seminars, Texas Tech University, 1982-1983, summer 1985 and 1985-1986, 1988-90, 1990-91.
  19. Ordinary di®erential equations seminar, Texas Tech University, fall 1978.
  20. Univalent function theory seminar, Texas Tech University, summer 1977.
  21. Foundations and logic seminar, Texas Tech University, spring 1977.
  22. Several complex variables seminar, University of Kentucky, 1972-1973.
  23. Univalent function theory seminar, University of Kentucky, 1971-1973, 1977-1978 and spring 1984.


  1. Papers reviewed in 12 different categories in Math Reviews.
  2. Under the auspices of a German Research Foundation Grant, in the summer of 1993 I conducted a seminar which met three times a week for three and one-half months on "Open Problems and Conjectures in Complex Analysis" at the Universitat Wuerzburg, Germany. The attendees at this seminar included a group of young mathematics professors invited by the German government from Germany, China, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, and Columbia as well as several graduate students from these countries.
  3. Invited paper in commemorative issue of Complex Variables Theory and Applications in honor of A.W. Goodmon's 80th birthday.
  4. Invited paper in a special issue on conformal mapping of the Society of Industrial and Applied Math's Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics.
  5. Invited paper in commemorative issue of Complex Variables Theory and Applications in honor of Malcomb Robertson's 75th birthday.
  6. Invited paper in commemorative issue of Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska in honor of 60th birthday of J. Krzyz, Director of the Math. Institute of Poland.
  7. Served as the editor of the open problems section of the proceedings of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Advanced Institute on Computation Aspects of Complex Analysis in Braunlage, West Germany, August 1982.
  8. Organized and directed a conference on Univalent Function Theory at the University of Kentucky, April 1973.


  1. Arunabha Biswas (co-chair with A. Yu. Solynin), 2015
  2. Udaya Jayatilake (co-chair with A. Yu. Solynin), 2013
  3. Erin Williams (co-chair with J. Dwyer), 2013
  4. Matthew Lochoman (co-chair with A. Yu. Solynin), 2011
  5. Alexander Williams (co-chair with A. Yu. Solynin, 2010
  6. Casey Hume (co-chair with G.B. Williams), 2006
  7. David Martin (co-chair with G.B. Williams), 2006
  8. Eric Murphy (co-chair with G.B. Williams), 2005
  9. G. Lenny Ornas (co-chair with K. Pearce), 2003
  10. Clint Richardson (co-chair with K. Pearce), 2002
  11. Leah Butler Cole (co-chair with K. Pearce), 2002
  12. William Wheeler (co-chair with K. Pearce), 1998
  13. Jonathan Todd Lee (co-chair with K. Peace), 1994
  14. Kendall Richards, 1991
  15. Rosihan Mohammed-Ali, 1985
  16. John Plaster, 1980


  1. Joseph Gilbert, 2011
  2. Arunabha Biswas, 2010
  3. Alexander Williams (co-chair with K. Pearce), 2006
  4. Atul Dixit (co-chair with A. Yu. Solynin), 2006
  5. Jeffrey Robinson (co-chair with K. Pearce), 2001
  6. Richard Campos (co-chair with K. Pearce), 2000
  7. Clint Richardson, 1999
  8. Leah Butler Cole, 1999
  9. Carolyn Campbell (co-chair with K. Pearce), 1996
  10. William Wheeler, 1995
  11. Joyce Johnson (co-chair with R. Anderson), 1986


  1. Faculty mentor for Clark Scholars, Noyce Scholars, South Plains Mathematics Scholars
  2. The introductory survey article by M. Vuorinen in the first copy of The Ramanujan Society's new journal Mathematics Newsletter contains a discussion of several of my results from five of my publications. The journal was distributed to every college and university throughout India in 2010.
  3. Gave a short course on "Applications of symmetrization and polarization to problems in Geometric Function Theory" consisting of seven 1½ hour lectures at University of South Florida, November-December 2007.
  4. Gave a course on "Special Functions of Mathematical Physics" at University of Würzburg, Germany, Summer 2006, as Giovanni-Prodi Chair.
  5. Hosted Alex Solynin from the Steklov Institute St. Petersberg Russia for Fall 2000 and Fall 2001 and Spring 2002.
  6. Served as "External Assesor" to evaluate the mathematics program of Penang University, Malaysia with an on site visit 10 days in April 1996.
  7. Invited and hosted Distinguished ESA Visiting Professors; G. Schober from Indiana Univ., Ruscheweyh from Univ. WÄ urtzburg, Germany, P. Henrici from ETH, Zurich Switzerland, R. Varga from Kent State Univ. and P. Duren from Univ. of Michigan.
  8. On the Mathematical Association of America Visiting Lecturer's Panel.
  9. On panel of Visiting Lecturers for Rocky Mountain Consortium.
  10. Invited to participate in faculty exchange program with Mid-Eastern Turkey Tech University in Ankara, Turkey for six weeks in summer 1990 with full support and travel allowance. (Unable to participate due to graduate commitments here).


Departmental Service
  1. Elected member of the Executive Committee of the Math Dept for at least 10 two-year terms. I was one of only two non-tenured faculty elected to Executive Committee.
  2. Mentored Several Noyce Scholars.
  3. Elected member of the Graduate Committee, 7 two-year terms. I chaired the Grad Committee 1991-1993.
  4. Elected member of the Comprehensive Review Committees 2002-2004.
  5. Member of Departmental Hiring committee 12 - 1year terms. (Chaired 1980-1983).
  6. Interviewed candidates at the AMS Annual Meetings, 1997-2006.
  7. United Way coordinator, 1995-2003.
  8. ESA Distinguished Visitors Committee, 1993-1999.
  9. Originator and chair of the "Outstanding Public School Math Teacher" award, 1992-present.
  10. Departmental Scholarship committee, 1998-2002.
  11. Department Research committee, 1993-1999.
  12. Member of Graduate Curriculum and Policy Sub-committee, 1983, and a textbook selection committee for undergraduate committee.
  13. Clark Scholars 1996-1997 and McNair Scholars.
  14. Math Department Reunion Committee, 1994.
  15. Received letter of deep appreciation from John White for assisting his chairmanship, 1987.
  16. Strategic Planning committee, 2002-2003.
  17. Selection Committee for D.M. Brooks Professorship, 2004-2006.
  18. On Emmy Noether Day organizing committee and MC, 2003-present.
  19. Gave talks at SIAM's Mini Symposiums, 1994-present.
  20. Made up and graded Complex Analysis Preliminary Exams, 1975-present.
  21. Mentored TA's (2-3 a year) who were having trouble teaching, 1997-present.
  22. Mentor in SIAM "Graduate Mentoring Program", 2000-2003.
  23. Judge at Graduate Research Day, 2005-2007.
  24. Hosted several visitors over the years, e.g. S. Ruschewegh, P. Duren, P. Henrici, J. Lewis, L. Reichel, T. Suffridge, B. Case, J. Quine, D. Lutzer, K. Richards, participants of AMS Special Sessions. (Organizer)
  25. On selection committee for Math Department Chair for Ron Anderson, 1990.
University Service
  1. On selection committee for Electrical Engineering Chair, late 70's.
  2. Faculty Senate, (Elected), 1986-1989, elected in 1999.
  3. Federal Demonstration Project Committee (Chair of Faculty, subcommittee, 1989).
  4. Judge at Sigma Chi, Research and Creative Activity Days" poster session, 1994.
  5. Faculty Development Leave Committee (Elected) 1998-2001.
  6. Research Enhancement Fund Proposal committee, 2001-2005.
  7. Dean's Representative for PhD Dissertation defenses, (at least 1 a year), 1997-2005.
  8. Graduate Council, 2002-2005 and on subcommittee for Graduate Faculty.
  9. On "Panel for Thesis Dissertation Symposium" of Graduate School evaluation, 2002 and 2005.
  10. Big 12 Scholarship committee, 2000.
  11. On Jane Weiner's Special Committee to handle plagiarism case (minimum 110 hours) 2007.
  12. Member of the "University Gender Equity Council," 2009-2012.
  13. Gave pep talks on "Why Do Math" at local Junior and Senior High Schools, 1990-1992.
  14. Gave talks at O. Hensly's class in Sociology on "Why be a mathematician?", 1990.
  15. Gave talks in Andy Wilkerson's Honors Classes on "Mathematics, Art and Music", 2002-2006.
  16. Gave talk on "How to do research in Graduate School" for Grad School Workshop, 2006.
  17. Gave talk at "Cross Cultural Academic Advancement Center" to Native Americans for "Summer Bridge Institute", 2008.
Professional Service
  1. External Examiner for Math Department at University Sans Malaysia, Penang, 1995.
  2. Attended "S.W. Placement Association Meeting" to attract graduate students at Texas A.M., 1993.
  3. Represented Math Department at "Graduate Workshop" at the University of Nebraska, 1997.
  4. Member of "Advanced Placement Expanding Scholarship Program Action Team for low income students" at Dana Center, Austin, TX.
  5. Member of Rocky Mountain Consortium board, 1996-present, elected Vice President of Executive Board, 1999-2000, President, 2001-2002, re-elected, 2002-2003.
  6. Outside Reviewer for 3 PhD Thesis, at Ramanujan Institute, Madras, India and for 2 PhD Thesis at University of south Africa, 2000-2005.

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