Wenjing Zhang, Ph.D.

Mathematics & Statistics
Texas Tech University

Office Hours:    Tuesdays and Thursdaysm 10:00--11:40 a.m. & by appointment
Room #:            MATH 214
Email:                wenjing.zhang@ttu.edu

Research Interest

  • Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  • Bifurcation Theory
  • Mathematical Biology


  1. Fall 2020, Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations I --MATH 5330

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  2. Fall 2019, Control Theory I: Applied Bifurcation Theory --MATH 5312 (website)

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  3. Spring 2019, Biomathematics II--MATH 5355

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  4. Fall 2018, Biomathematics I--MATH 5354

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  5. Fall 2018, Calculus I--MATH 1451

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Wenjing Zhang

Curriculum Vitae (updated on Dec 2020)


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  4. Jiao Jiang, Wenjing Zhang, Pei Yu, “Tristable phenomenon in a predator-prey system arsing from multiple limit cycles bifurcation”. (Accepted in IJBC)

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  8. Wenjing Zhang and Pei Yu, Revealing the Role of the Effector-regulatory T Cell Loop on Autoimmune Disease Symptoms via Nonlinear Analysis (Revised manuscript submitted)

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