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The homework for Thursday March 11 is 3.2: 2,3,4,5a),b),c),6,7  
The lecture corresponding to March 30 will be taught on Monday March 22 in Chem 025 at 7:00pm and the one corresponding to April 1st will be taught on Wednesday March 24 in Holden 077 (please notice room change) at 7:00pm. Attendance will be taken.
For your guidance, here is the first exam that I gave last year: Test 1, Spring O9. Please use it only to get an idea of how the questions are laid out and the type of problems that you should expect. The questions in your actual exam will be different, not just the numbers changed. Other topics such as Cramer's rule and adjoint may be included as well. Please also look at your homework problems, quizzes and the proofs that we did in class. Solutions for this test will not be posted so please don't ask.
This is the Review Sheet for Exam I That I handed today in class.