Southwest Local Algebra Meeting

University of Oklahoma, 24–25 February 2024


Saturday 24 February

12.30–1.00 pm  Check-in and coffee/snacks
1.00–1.50 pm  Poster session
2.00–2.50 pm  Rosa Orellana
3.00–3.50 pm  Jared Painter
4.00–4.50 pm  Poster session
5.00–5.50 pm  Mark Sepanski
6.30 pm  Social gathering

Sunday 25 February

8.30–9.00 am  Continental breakfast
9.00–9.50 am  Travis Mandel
10.00–10.50 am  Poster session
11.00–11.50 am  Alessandra Costantini
12.00–12.50 pm  Mandi Schaeffer Fry

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To ease planning and reporting we request that all participants fill out the registration form before 22 January 2024. Early registrants have priority for support , and you must register by 15 January 2024 to be considered for support.

Travel and accommodation

The supported participants will be staying at two locations: The Sooner Suites on campus, which are a good mile's walk from the conference venue, and at the Stone Hill Norman. If you are not being supported, please make your own hotel reservation.

Norman is served by the Will Rogers Airport (OKC) airport.

The talks will take blace in Sarkeys Energy Center room N202, which is on the ground floor. Poster sessions, coffee breaks, and registration will take place next to N202 in the Sarkeys Energy Center atrium. Sarkeys is a large tower on Boyd Street in the far Northeast corner of campus; it is building 29 on the campus map. Adjacent to the building is a parking lot that will be free for parking on the weekend.

The social gathering on Saturday takes place Rawl Engineering Practice Facility, REPF 200, right next to the conference venue, starting at 6.30 pm.

Sponsors and support

The meeting is supported by the National Security Agency and by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oklahoma.


Lars Winther Christensen  (Texas Tech University)

Louiza Fouli  (New Mexico State University)

David Jorgensen  (University of Texas at Arlington)

Jonathan Kujawa  (University of Oklahoma)

András Lőrincz  (University of Oklahoma)

Jonathan Montaño  (Arizona State University)


Alessandra Costantini  (Oklahoma State University)
  Rees algebras of linearly presented ideals

Travis Mandel  (University of Oklahoma)
  Quiver representations and scattering diagrams

Rosa Orellana  (Dartmouth College)
  Group characters as symmetric functions

Jared Painter  (University of North Alabama)
  A Geometric analysis of Koszul structures for trivariate monomial ideals

Mandi Schaeffer Fry  (University of Denver)
  Counting with blocks and hide-and-seek with character tables: Brauer's problems and beyond

Mark Sepanski  (Baylor University)
  Young tableau reconstruction via minors

Poster presenters

Maria Akter  (University of Alabama)  
On inversion of adjunction of splitting dimensions

Reid Buchanan  (Oklahoma State University)  
Macaulay coefficients and decomposing lex segments

Trung Chau  (University of Utah)  
Barile-Macchia resolutions of edge ideals and powers

Bek Chase  (Purdue University)  
The Lefschetz properties of modules in two variables

Sudipta Das  (Arizona State University)  
The rational powers of sum of ideals

Monalisa Dutta  (University of Kansas)  
Containment of trace ideals in ideals of finite homological dimension

Nathaniel Gallup  (University of California at Davis)  
The Grothendieck Ring of Certain Non-Noetherian Group-Graded Algebras via K-Series

Katie Grebel  (University of Texas at Arlington)  
The Koszul homology of minimal intersection rings

Arvind Kumar  (New Mexico State University)  
Resurgence numbers of determinantal ideals

Iresha Madduwe Hewalage  (Dalhousie University)  
Reconstruction conjecture on homological invariants of Cameron Walker graphs

Beatriz Montero Deus  (Baylor University)  
Hochschild cohomology of the triangular matrix algebra

Anh Vinh Pham  (Tulane University)  
A theorem about \(p\)-families of ideals

Sarah Poiani  (University of New Mexico)  
Constructing pair operations

Elizabeth Rubio  (University of Texas at Arlington)  
Self Tor persistence on modules over determinantal ideals

Jesus Indalecio Ruiz Bolanos  (Baylor University)  
Double Smith normal form

Le Tran  (New Mexico State University)  
Associated primes of monomial ideals and depth of edge ideals of unicyclic graphs

Registered participants

SLAM in the past

2023 at University of North Texas   2022 at Baylor University   2020 at Tulane University

2019 at University of Texas at El Paso   2018 at University of Arkansas   2017 at University of New Mexico  

2016 at Texas State University   2015 at Oklahoma State University   2014 at Texas A&M University

2013 at University of Arizona   2012 at Texas Tech University   2011 at New Mexico State University   2010 at University of Texas at Arlington

Larry Smith, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons