Southwest Local Algebra Meeting

Baylor University, 26–27 February 2022


Saturday 26 February

12.30–1.00 pm  Check-in and coffee/snacks
1.00–1.50 pm  Poster session
2.00–2.50 pm  Charles Conley
3.00–3.50 pm  Jonathan Montaño
4.00–4.50 pm  Poster session
5.00–5.50 pm  Mirela Çiperiani
6.30 pm  Social gathering

Sunday 27 February

8.30–9.00 am  Continental breakfast
9.00–9.50 am  Ken Goodearl
10.00–10.50 am  Poster session
11.00–11.50 am  Amy Huang
12.00–12.50 pm  Manfred Dugas

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To ease planning and reporting we request that all participants fill out the registration form before 31 January 2022. Early registrants have priority for support , and you must register by 24 January 2022 to be considered for support.

Travel and accommodation

The supported participants will be staying at the hotel Aloft Waco Baylor, 900 South 11th Street, Waco, TX 76706. Please register by 24 January 2022, so that we can book your room at the conference rate. If you are not being supported, please make your own hotel reservation using the code SLAM_2022.

Waco is served by the Waco Regional Airport (ACT). Those driving can find directions on the hotel's homepage.

The talks will take place in room 301 in the Marrs McLean Science Building (MMSCI 301). Poster sessions, coffee breaks, and registration take place in the 3rd floor foyer of MMSCI. To locate the building see quadrant D5 the campus map.

Parking space on campus can be found around the Sid Richardson Building. To locate the building see quadrant D6 the campus map.

The social gathering on Saturday takes place at restaurant Vitek's Market, 1600 Speight Ave, Waco TX 76706 starting at 6.30 pm.

Sponsors and support

The meeting is supported by the National Security Agency and the College of Arts and Sciences at Baylor University.

Registered participants


Mirela Çiperiani  (University of Texas at Austin)
  Supersingular elliptic curves on \(\mathbb{Z}_p\) extensions

Charles Conley  (University of North Texas)
  Quiddities of polygon dissections

Manfred Dugas  (Baylor University)
  On some ideals of finitary incidence algebras

Ken Goodearl  (University of California at Santa Barbara)
  Quantum cluster algebras, quantized varieties, and skew polynomial rings

Amy Huang  (Texas A&M University)
  Syzygies of determinantal thickenings and \(\mathrm{gl}(m|n)\) representations

Jonathan Montaño  (New Mexico State University)
  Multiplicities and volumes: an interplay among algebra, combinatorics, and geometry

Poster presenters

S M Faqruddin Ali Azam  (Oklahoma State University)  
On the generating function for intervals of partitions

Souvik Dey  (University of Kansas)  
Vanishing of (co)homology of Burch submodules, Ulrich modules, and some applications

William Goode  (University of North Texas)  
Tensor density modules of contact vector fields

Travis Grigsby  (Oklahoma State University)  
A formula for counting the projected Schubert varieties that are fibre bundles

Alexis Hardesty  (Texas Tech University)  
A DG algebra resolution of trimmings of Pfaffian ideals

Kevin Harris  (University of Texas at Arlington)  
Decomposition of modules over principal subalgebras of truncated polynomial rings

Jesus Inadlecio  (Baylor University)  
Hello Mr Code, could you please be perfect?

Colin Lawson  (University of North Texas)  
Deformation cohomology for cyclic group actions

Thai Thanh Nguyen  (Tulane University)  
Newton-Okounkov bodies, Rees algebras, and analytic spread of graded families of monomial ideals

Elise Walker  (Texas A&M University)  
Numerically solving polynomial systems using Khovanskii bases

Byeongsu Yu  (Texas A&M University)  
When is the quotient of a semigroup ring by a monomial ideal Cohen-Macaulay?


Lars Winther Christensen  (Texas Tech University)

Louiza Fouli  (New Mexico State University)

Daniel Herden  (Baylor University)

David Jorgensen  (University of Texas at Arlington)

Mark Sepanski  (Baylor University)

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