Southwest Local Algebra Meeting

Baylor University, 26–27 February 2022


Saturday 26 February

12.30–1.00 pm  Check-in and coffee/snacks
1.00–1.50 pm  Poster session
2.00–2.50 pm  Talk 1
3.00–3.50 pm  Talk 2
4.00–4.50 pm  Poster session
5.00–5.50 pm  Talk 3
6.30 pm  Social gathering

Sunday 27 February

8.30–9.00 am  Continental breakfast
9.00–9.50 am  Talk 4
10.00–10.50 am  Poster session
11.00–11.50 am  Talk 5
12.00–12.50 pm  Talk 6


To ease planning and reporting we request that all participants fill out the registration form before 24 January 2022. Early registrants have priority for support, and you must register by 17 January 2022 to be considered for support.

Confirmed Speakers

Mirela Çiperiani  (University of Texas at Austin)

Charles Conley  (University of North Texas)

Manfred Dugas  (Baylor University)

Ken Goodearl  (University of California at Santa Barbara)

Amy Huang  (Texas A&M University)

Jonathan Montaño  (New Mexico State University)


Lars Winther Christensen  (Texas Tech University)

Louiza Fouli  (New Mexico State University)

Daniel Herden  (Baylor University)

David Jorgensen  (University of Texas at Arlington)

Mark Sepanski  (Baylor University)

Sponsors and Support

The meeting is supported by the National Security Agency and the College of Arts and Sciences at Baylor University.

SLAM in the past

2020 at Tulane University   2019 at University of Texas at El Paso   2018 at University of Arkansas   2017 at University of New Mexico  

2016 at Texas State University   2015 at Oklahoma State University   2014 at Texas A&M University   2013 at University of Arizona  

2012 at Texas Tech University   2011 at New Mexico State University   2010 at University of Texas at Arlington