Southwest Local Algebra Meeting

University of New Mexico, 4–5 March 2017


Saturday 4 March

12.30–1.00 pm  Check-in and coffee/snacks
1.00–2.00 pm  Poster session
2.00–2.50 pm  Alexandru Buium
3.00–3.50 pm  Susana Salamanca Riba
4.00–4.50 pm  Poster session
5.00–5.50 pm  Karl Schwede
6.30 pm  Social gathering

Sunday 5 March

8.30–9.00 am  Continental breakfast
9.00–9.50 am  Jay Schweig
10.00–10.50 am  Poster session
11.00–11.50 am  Youngsu Kim
12.00–12.50 pm  Dan Bates

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To ease planning and reporting we request that all participants fill out the registration form before 11 February 2017. Early registrants have priority for support , and you must register by 31 January 2017 to be considered for support.

Travel and Accommodation

The conference will take place in the Science and Math Learning Center near the Martin Luther King Boulevard entrance to the University, just east of University Boulevard (Building 14 on the campus map). On the weekends, parking is free except in reserved or metered spots. Convenient places to park are in lots B and C.

The conference hotel is the Howard Johnson, located at 900 Medical Arts Avenue. The hotel has a complimentary shuttle that operates within a 5 mile radius. The hotel is about a half mile from and a pleasant walk to campus. Please register by 31 January 2017 to book a room at the conference rate.

The social gathering on Saturday takes place at Bandido Hideaway just South of campus. Directions will be provided in your participant's package.

Sponsors and Support

The meeting is supported by the National Science Foundation
and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New Mexico.

Confirmed Speakers

Dan Bates  (Colorado State University)
Numerical methods for solving polynomial systems

Alexandru Buium  (University of New Mexico)
Arithmetic differential geometry

Youngsu Kim  (University of California, Riverside)
Defining ideals of Rees algebras and special fiber rings

Susana Salamanca Riba  (New Mexico State University)
Unitary representations and the atlas of Lie groups

Karl Schwede  (University of Utah)
Etale fundamental groups of F-regular rings

Jay Schweig  (Oklahoma State University)
Combinatorial properties of Borel ideals

Poster Presenters

Francisco Avila  (New Mexico State University)  
The frame of the p-adic numbers

Malik Barrett  (University of New Mexico)  
Arithmetic differential geometry

Anahita Davoudi  (University of Central Florida)  
Algebraic analysis of social networks

Zachary Flores  (Colorado State University)  
The weak Lefschetz property for a graded module

Whitney Liske  (University of Notre Dame)
Rees rings of artinian Gorenstein ideals

Raymond Paulino  (New Mexico State University)  
Minimal reductions of edge ideals

Basanti Sharma Poudyal  (University of Texas–Arlington)
Existence of totally reflexive modules in local graded rings with Hilbert series \(1+et+(e-1)t^2\)

William Taylor  (University of Arkansas)
Interpolating between Hilbert-Samuel and Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity

Tianyuan Xu  (University of Oregon)
Free fusion rings arising from Lusztig's asymptotic Hecke algebras

Registered Participants


Lars Winther Christensen  (Texas Tech University)

Louiza Fouli  (New Mexico State University)

David Jorgensen  (University of Texas at Arlington)

Janet Vassilev  (University of New Mexico)

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