Southwest Local Algebra Meeting

University of North Texas, 4–5 March 2023


Saturday 4 March

12.30–1.00 pm  Check-in and coffee/snacks
1.00–1.50 pm  Poster session
2.00–2.50 pm  Susanna Fishel
3.00–3.50 pm  Luigi Ferraro
4.00–4.50 pm  Poster session
5.00–5.50 pm  Olav Richter
6.30 pm  Social gathering

Sunday 5 March

8.30–9.00 am  Continental breakfast
9.00–9.50 am  James Zhang
10.00–10.50 am  Poster session
11.00–11.50 am  Patricia Klein
12.00–12.50 pm  Nathan Williams

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To ease planning and reporting we request that all participants fill out the registration form before 30 January 2023. Early registrants have priority for support , and you must register by 23 January 2023 to be considered for support.

Travel and accommodation

The supported participants will be staying at the hotel Denton Premier Best Western, 2450 Brinker Road, Denton, TX 76208 . Please register by 23 January 2023, so that we can book your room at the conference rate. If you are not being supported, please make your own hotel reservation using.

Denton is served by the Dallas Love Field (DAL) and Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airports. Those driving can find directions on the hotel's homepage .

The talks will take place in room 125 in the Environmental Sciences Building (ENV SCI 125). Poster sessions, coffee breaks, and registration take place in the Environmental Sciences Building atrium. To locate the building see quadrant J1 on the campus map.

There is free parking a short walk north of the Environmental Sciences Building, on streets including Hickory, Oak, Miller, Jagoe, Marietta, Bradley, Normal, Scripture, and throughout the neighborhood just north of Scripture.
Alternately, visitor passes are available for $5 per day at the central UNT kiosk, at Avenue C and Chestnut Street, permitting parking in the Environmental Sciences lot. They may also be purchased online by creating a guest account , in which case they must be printed in advance.

The social gathering on Saturday takes place Harvest House, 331 E Hickory Street, Denton TX 76201 starting at 6.30 pm.

Sponsors and support

The meeting is supported by the National Science Foundation and by the Department of Mathematics, the College of Science, and the Division of Research and Innovation at the University of North Texas.


Charles Conley  (University of North Texas)

Lars Winther Christensen  (Texas Tech University)

Louiza Fouli  (New Mexico State University)

David Jorgensen  (University of Texas at Arlington)

Jonathan Montaño  (Arizona State University)

Anne Shepler  (University of North Texas)


Two pictures from the poster session .

and some group photos: 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8 .


Luigi Ferraro  (Texas Tech University)
  The Improved New Intersection Theorem revisited

Susanna Fishel  (Arizona State University)
  Shi arrangements and low elements in Coxeter groups

Patricia Klein  (Texas A&M University)
  Alternating sign matrix varieties

Olav Richter  (University of North Texas)
  Congruences of Hurwitz class numbers

Nathan Williams  (University Texas at Dallas)
  Combinatorics and braid varieties

James Zhang  (University of Washington)
  Cancellation problem for noncommutative algebras

Poster presenters

Tatheer Ajani  (University of Texas at Arlington)  
On the vanishing of self Tor

Faqruddin Azam  (Oklahoma State University)  
Divisor labeling

Austin Bell  (University of New Mexico)  
Interpolation between closures

Reid Buchanan  (Oklahoma State University)  
Macaulay coefficients and decomposing lex segments

Trung Chau  (University of Utah)  
Morse resolutions

Hoai Dao  (Oklahoma State University)  
Resolving powers of the maximal ideal with a hole

Sudipta Das  (Arizona State University)   Volume = multiplicity formula
for p-families of ideal in positive characteristic

Lhexa D'Avignin  (University of North Texas)  
Action principle for relativistic magnetohydrodynamics

Souvik Dey  (University of Kansas)   Some characterizations
of local rings via reducing homological dimensions

Nestor Fernando Diaz Morera  (Tulane University)  
Nearly toric Schubert varieties and Dyck paths

Monalisa Dutta  (University of Kansas)  
Subfunctors of Ext and Ulrich split rings

Zhaobidan Feng  (Texas A&M University)  
Reconstructing Braided Subcategories of \(SU(N)_k\).

Katie Grebel  (University of Texas at Arlington)  
The Koszul homology of minimal intersection rings

Emily Gunawan  (University of Oklahoma)  
Triangulations and maximal almost rigid representations

Dillon Hanson  (University of North Texas)  
Modular reflection groups and their invariant mixed Forms

Alexis Hardesty  (Texas Tech University)   Realizing differential
graded algebra structures on minimal free resolutions

David Lieberman  (University of Nebraska at Lincoln)  
Generalizing Bernstein's inequality for D-modules

Jose Lozano  (University of Texas at Arlington)   The Point Scheme
and Line Scheme of a Certain Quadratic Quantum \(P^3\)

Ritika Nair  (University of Kansas)   On the Lefschetz property
for quotients by monomial ideals containing squares of variables

Shravan Patankar  (University of Illinois at Chicago)  
Coherence of absolute integral closures

Sarah Poiani  (University of New Mexico)  
Prereductions, postexpansions, prehulls, and postcores

Jesus Indalecio Ruiz Bolanos  (Baylor University)  
Do not go too far to correct your errors

Hannah Solomon  (Texas A&M University)   Working towards
a classification of super-modular tensor categories by rank

Cody Tipton  (University of Washington)  
Colored operads and homotopy coherent diagrams

Jonathan Toledo  (Instituto tecnológico del valle de Etla)  
Progress on persistence property

Le Tran  (New Mexico State University)  
Initially regular sequences on cycles

Aparna Upadhyay (University of Arizona)   The asymptotics
of the non-projective part of tensor powers of modules

Benjamin Warren  (Texas A&M University)  
Braid groups, motion groups, and their representations

Registered participants

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