A work book approach

By Gary A. Harris
Department of Mathematics
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas 79409

So that one may retreive only the portion of the document desired, the sections have been broken down and are available in Adobe (PDF), and Microsoft Word (DOC) formats.

  Table of Contents  

Chapter 1: Elementary calculations (PDF, Word
  • Addendum: Complicated Calculations
(PDF, Word)
Chapter 2: Floating point versus exact arithmetic (PDF, Word
Chapter 3: Elementary number theory (PDF, Word
Chapter 4: Roots of polynomials (PDF, Word
  • Section 1: Linear polynomials
  • Section 2: Quadratic polynomials
  • Section 3: Higher degree polynomials
  • Addendum 1: Summary comments on MAPLE syntax
  • Addendum 2: More on higher degree polynomials
  • Addendum 3: An alternate way to define a function
Chapter 5: Graphing (PDF, Word
  • Section 1. Polynomials 
  • Section 2. Rational functions 
  • Section 3. Transcendental functions 
  • Section 4. Implicit functions
Chapter 6: Sojourn into Calculus (PDF, Word
  • Section 1: Derviative and Integral Formulas
  • Section 2: Derivatives and Graphs
  • Section 3: Definite Integrals
  • Section 4: Rectangles to Approximate Area
  • Section 5: Limits
  • Section 6: Sequences and Series
Chapter 7: Matrix manipulation (PDF, Word
Chapter 8: Drawing in LOGO (PDF, Word
Chapter 9: Programming in LOGO (PDF, Word
Chapter 10: Recursion in LOGO (PDF, Word
Maple Syntax (PDF, Word)
Reading List (PDF, Word)