Publications and Preprints of Lourdes Juan

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  2. The Impact of Eutrophication on the Stability of the Predator-Prey Model with Plankton Self-Shading, S.K. Sandhu, A. Morozov & L. Juan (in preparation)
  3. Differential Projective Modules over Differential Rings, L. Juan & A. Magid (2019) Comm. Algebra,  to appear. PDF
  4. Genotypic selection in spatially heterogeneous producer-grazer systems subject to stoichiometric constraints. C. Dissanayake, L. Juan, K. R. Long, A. Peace, M. M. Rana (2019) Bull. Math. Biol.
    doi: 10.1007/s11538-018-00559-9
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       --If you care for more details, you may take a look at this earlier version
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