Publications and Preprints of Lourdes Juan

  1. Surjectivities, Octonions and Differential Galois Theory (with Arne Ledet), Commmunications in Algebra,  Link to manuscript
  2. Generic Picard-Vessiot extensions for non-connected groups (with Arne Ledet), Commmunications in Algebra  44 (2016), no. 7, 2989--3004. PDF
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  5. Differential central simple algebras and Picard-Vessiot representations (with Andy Magid), Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 136 (2008), 1911-1918.
       --If you care for more details, you may take a look at this earlier version
  6. On generic differential SOn-extensions (with Arne Ledet), Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 136 (2008), 1145--1153, PDF
  7. On Picard-Vessiot extensions with group PGL3 (with Arne Ledet), Journal of Algebra 318 (2007), no. 2, 786--793, PDF
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  13. Some results about symmetric semigroups, Communications in Algebra  21 (1993), 3637-3645, PDF


  1. Mechanistically derived spatially heterogeneous producer-grazer model subject to stoichiometric constraints. Md Masud Rana, Chandani Dissanayake, Lourdes Juan, K. R. Long, Angie Peace (under review)
  2. Genotypic selection in spatially heterogeneous producer-grazer systems subject to stoichiometric constraints. Chandani Dissanayake, Lourdes Juan, K. R. Long, Angie Peace and Md Masud Rana (under review)
  3. Differential Projective Modules over Differential Rings, with Andy Magid, under review. PDF
  4. Fast Computation of Inverse Transcendental Functions of Polynomial Chaos Expansion Through Iterated Means, with Kevin Long and Kaleb Mackale, under revision.