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Sundance is a system for rapid development of high-performance parallel finite-element solutions of partial differential equations. It is built on top of an engine for in-place Frechet differentiation of symbolic objects, thereby enabling differentiable simulations for use in optimization, uncertainty quantification, and adaptive error control.

The motivation for creating Sundance is a conviction that you should be able to code a finite element problem using the same level of abstraction you would use to describe the problem and its discretization on a blackboard. Sundance provides a set of high-level components with which you can specify and solve a problem. The high-level nature of the components means that you need not worry about tedious and error-prone bookkeeping details. In addition to the advantage of conceptual simplicity and freedom from bookkeeping, this component-based approach allows a high degree of flexibility in the formulation, discretization, and solution of a problem.

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