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General research interests: I have worked in ferrofluid models, purely electrostatic electron-gas models (Euler-Poisson), and compressible ideal-MHD models, all of which represent entirely different physical regimes. These are three pieces of representative work (research milestones): click on each thumbnail to open the corresponding Arxiv link

You can find more publications and their links to the respective journal papers in: Good reasons to contact me:

Prospective Graduate Students:

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation of PDEs is vast area of research that involves many subdisciplines such as: Numerical Linear Algebra, Control of PDEs, Numerical Solution of PDEs in high-dimensions, and Hyperbolic Balance Laws among many others. In this sense, Texas Tech is a very exciting place to be right now. We have very diverse group of people working in Numerical Analysis of PDEs. Each one of us has a quite different set of skills. Therefore, if you are a prospective graduate student willing to apply to either MSc or PhD program at TTU, with a strong interest in the Numerical Analysis of PDEs, I would also consider taking a serious look at the webpages of my colleagues working in related topics: