"Differential Geometry and Integrable Systems"

The registration is free but compulsory. The deadline for financial support has expired.

XIX Red Raider Minisymposium (April 20-23, 2023)

The field of Differential Geometry, Integrable Systems, and Applications has a long history and is currently as dynamic and vibrant as ever. Thus, the conference provides an exciting opportunity for the interested audience to learn cutting-edge research in a friendly atmosphere.

The main objectives of this minisymposium can be summarized as follows:

    1. Improve our understanding of recent significant developments in the field of Differential Geometry, Integrable Systems, and Applications

    2. Bring together mathematicians from different backgrounds and in various career stages to foster mutual understanding and lay out foundations for future research.

    3. Advance engagement of diverse graduate students and early-career researchers interested in this expanding field.

The line-up of our invited speakers covers many of the sub-topics inside Differential Geometry and Integrable Systems.

Minisymposium Structure

The minisymposium will consist of talks from Invited Plenary and Early-Career Speakers and also include a poster session. Through the generous support of the National Science Foundation, funding is available for early-career faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students to participate in the minisymposium and to present posters. Special consideration will be given to underrepresented groups and to those who have no other funding sources. More details regarding the structure may be found here.

Conference Support

This conference is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF-2301994), Dr. Magdalena Toda, Dr. Jay Conover, and Dr. Bijoy Ghosh.