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Geometric Transformations and
Wallpaper Groups

Lectures and Resources

Lecture Slides
June 2005

Part 1 [PDF]

Part 2 [PDF]

Part 3 [PDF]

Part 4 [PDF]

Part 5 [PDF]

Names for the
Frieze Groups [PDF]

Flow Chart for Classifying
Freize Patterns [PDF]

Frieze Patterns
to Practice On

Flowchart for Classifying
Wallpaper groups [PDF]

List of Wallpaper Groups, with
Example Patterns,
Patterns Marked with
Group Features

Example Patterns with
Animation of the

Escher Drawings
to Practice On

Pick a Group,
Draw Your Own
Wallpaper Pattern

Frieze and Wallpaper
Group Resources

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Last Updated: 06/06/2005