Agenda for first group meeting in Benevento – May 20, 2018



1.       No smoking inside the accommodations.

2.       You break it, you buy it.

3.       No excessive drinking – penalty can be severe. Remember that around the B&Bs there are residences.

4.       Be courteous and polite to the locals.

5.       People should not stay in a different residence than their own after 11 pm. This is a request from the owners.

6.       Cleaning is at 10 am -- in all accommodations

7.       A/C use is charged separately. So, less use of the a/c will get you a bigger refund. Make sure to turn off the a/c when you are not in the room.

8.       Be respectful of others’ study time. Academics has the highest priority after personal safety. As the university closes at 7 pm, you will mostly be studying at your residence.


1.       The courses are already on Blackboard. The homework will be on Webwork -- the link can be found on the syllabus page on Blackboard. Our teaching assistant is Cole Long.

2.       For the month of May, we will be meeting in the biology building. The classroom schedule was sent to your email. You can find it on the Math in Italy webpage also --

3.       Our weekend trips and industry visits start early – usually around 7 am, may be even at 6.30 am. We will know how early we need to leave a day or two in advance, usually. So, please keep checking the Math in Italy page, and pay attention when the announcements are made!

4.       Check out Math in Italy webpage for information (links are on the left side of the page).

Other Stuff

1.       Be careful of your passports and money. No wallets or phones in back-pockets!

2.       Health insurance – United Global.

3.       Let me know your travel plan

4.       We have a negotiated a meal plan – E 7 for a first/second meal with a drink and coperta (cover charge) at Il Tricorno. You may use it – it is up to you.

5.       The Deco supermarket closes at 9 pm. There is a bigger Carrefour supermarket one mile away and is open 24 hours.

6.       My phone is +39 349 813 3339. Daniele di Maria’s number is +39 340 369 9253. Sabrina’s number is +39 380 233 0019. I can be reached on Whatsapp on +1 806 319 2110.

7.       Emergency phone number in Italy is 112. Emergency meeting place 1 – Piazza Roma; Emergency meeting place 2 – Arco di Traiano.

8.       To those who need SIM cards -- we will organize a trip to the Vodafone store on Monday.

9.       To those who want gym membership – we can do that on Tuesday.

10.   Student leaders – Elida Villareal, Aaron Arnold, Jacob Young, Godwin Nnali, Jacob Steckbeck, Taylor Rhyan. Job --- maintain head counts to make sure no one is left behind.