Sundance::increasingOrder< MultipleDeriv > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool operator() (const MultipleDeriv &a, const MultipleDeriv &b) const

Detailed Description

class Sundance::increasingOrder< MultipleDeriv >

Functor increasingOrder() is used as a comparison method for MultipleDeriv objects. When used in a set, it will sort derivatives in order of increasing order of differentiation. Sorting by differentiation order is useful in evaluation of product and chain rules: if we evaluate higher-order derivatives first, we can evaluate in place without destroying lower-order derivatives.

Definition at line 221 of file SundanceMultipleDeriv.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool Sundance::increasingOrder< MultipleDeriv >::operator() ( const MultipleDeriv a,
const MultipleDeriv b 
) const [inline]

Definition at line 224 of file SundanceMultipleDeriv.hpp.

References Sundance::MultipleDeriv::order().

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