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Sundance::VectorFillingAssemblyKernel Sundance::AssemblyKernelBase

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Public Member Functions

 VectorAssemblyKernel (const Array< RCP< DOFMapBase > > &dofMap, const Array< RCP< Array< int > > > &isBCIndex, const Array< int > &lowestLocalIndex, Array< Vector< double > > &b, bool partitionBCs, int verb)
virtual ~VectorAssemblyKernel ()
virtual void prepareForWorkSet (const Array< Set< int > > &requiredTests, const Array< Set< int > > &requiredUnks, RCP< StdFwkEvalMediator > mediator)
virtual void fill (bool isBC, const IntegralGroup &group, const RCP< Array< double > > &localValues)

Detailed Description

VectorAssemblyKernel builds load vectors. It derives from VectorFillingAssemblyKernel, which implements the functions shared between all kernels that build vectors, such as FunctionalAndGradientAssemblyKernel.

Definition at line 47 of file SundanceVectorAssemblyKernel.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VectorAssemblyKernel::VectorAssemblyKernel ( const Array< RCP< DOFMapBase > > &  dofMap,
const Array< RCP< Array< int > > > &  isBCIndex,
const Array< int > &  lowestLocalIndex,
Array< Vector< double > > &  b,
bool  partitionBCs,
int  verb 

Ctor takes several arguments:

dofMap is an array of DOFMap ptrs, one for each block
isBCIndex is an array of ptrs to arrays of ints (bools). The value (*isBCIndex[b])[d] indicates whether dof d in block b is or is not an essential BC dof.
lowestLocalIndex stores the lowest locally-owned DOF index for each block
b multivector to be filled
partitionBC whether dirichlet BCs are stored in a separate block
verb verbosity level

Definition at line 46 of file SundanceVectorAssemblyKernel.cpp.

virtual Sundance::VectorAssemblyKernel::~VectorAssemblyKernel (  )  [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 78 of file SundanceVectorAssemblyKernel.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void VectorAssemblyKernel::fill ( bool  isBC,
const IntegralGroup group,
const RCP< Array< double > > &  localValues 
) [virtual]

void VectorAssemblyKernel::prepareForWorkSet ( const Array< Set< int > > &  requiredTests,
const Array< Set< int > > &  requiredUnks,
RCP< StdFwkEvalMediator mediator 
) [virtual]

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