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Sundance::MeshReaderBase Sundance::MeshSourceBase Playa::Handleable< MeshSourceBase > Playa::Printable Sundance::Noncopyable Playa::ObjectWithVerbosity

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Public Member Functions

 TriangleMeshReader (const std::string &filename, const MeshType &meshType, int verbosity=0, const MPIComm &comm=MPIComm::world())
 TriangleMeshReader (const ParameterList &params)
virtual ~TriangleMeshReader ()
virtual Mesh fillMesh () const
virtual std::string description () const
virtual RCP< MeshSourceBasegetRcp ()

Private Member Functions

void readParallelInfo (Array< int > &ptGID, Array< int > &ptOwner, Array< int > &elemGID, Array< int > &elemOwner) const
Mesh readNodes (Array< int > &ptGID, Array< int > &ptOwner) const
void readSides (Mesh &mesh) const
void readElems (Mesh &mesh, const Array< int > &nodeGID, Array< int > &elemGID, Array< int > &elemOwner) const

Private Attributes

std::string nodeFilename_
std::string elemFilename_
std::string parFilename_
std::string sideFilename_
int offset_

Detailed Description

TriangleMeshReader reads a mesh stored in Shewchuk's Triangle format. This format is documented at the Triangle homepage. This reader expects to find node information in .node files and element information in .ele files. The filename constructor argument is the stem of the filenames, and so that a reader constructed with filename joe will look for node and element data in joe.node and joe.ele respectively. Node and element attributes are read if present, and can be accessed with the getAttributes() method of MeshSource.

Parallel extensions

We have extended the Triangle format to deal with distributed meshes. A TriangleMeshReader is constructed with an MPIComm object, and if that communicator has more than one processor the mesh is assumed to be split into files, one for each processor. Data on mesh "joe" for the nnn-th processor will be found in the files

The .node.nnn and .ele.nnn files contain the node and element data for the part of the mesh seen by the nnn-th processor. The node and element numberings given in those two files are local indexes. The .par.nnn contains node and element ownership information for the part of the mesh seen by the nnn-th processor.

A .par file is formatted as follows:

Definition at line 89 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TriangleMeshReader::TriangleMeshReader ( const std::string &  filename,
const MeshType meshType,
int  verbosity = 0,
const MPIComm comm = MPIComm::world() 

TriangleMeshReader::TriangleMeshReader ( const ParameterList &  params  ) 

virtual Sundance::TriangleMeshReader::~TriangleMeshReader (  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual dtor

Definition at line 102 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string Sundance::TriangleMeshReader::description (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Print a short descriptive std::string

Reimplemented from Sundance::MeshSourceBase.

Definition at line 109 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

References Sundance::MeshReaderBase::filename().

Mesh TriangleMeshReader::fillMesh (  )  const [virtual]

virtual RCP<MeshSourceBase> Sundance::TriangleMeshReader::getRcp (  )  [inline, virtual]

Return a ref count pointer to self

Implements Playa::Handleable< MeshSourceBase >.

Definition at line 114 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

void TriangleMeshReader::readElems ( Mesh mesh,
const Array< int > &  nodeGID,
Array< int > &  elemGID,
Array< int > &  elemOwner 
) const [private]

Mesh TriangleMeshReader::readNodes ( Array< int > &  ptGID,
Array< int > &  ptOwner 
) const [private]

void TriangleMeshReader::readParallelInfo ( Array< int > &  ptGID,
Array< int > &  ptOwner,
Array< int > &  elemGID,
Array< int > &  elemOwner 
) const [private]

void TriangleMeshReader::readSides ( Mesh mesh  )  const [private]

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 138 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

Referenced by readElems(), and TriangleMeshReader().

Definition at line 135 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

Referenced by readNodes(), and TriangleMeshReader().

int Sundance::TriangleMeshReader::offset_ [mutable, private]

Definition at line 147 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

Referenced by readElems(), and readNodes().

Definition at line 144 of file SundanceTriangleMeshReader.hpp.

Referenced by readSides(), and TriangleMeshReader().

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