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Playa::Handle< MeshTransformationBase >

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Public Member Functions

 MeshTransformation ()
 MeshTransformation (Playa::Handleable< MeshTransformationBase > *rawPtr)
 MeshTransformation (const RCP< MeshTransformationBase > &smartPtr)
Mesh apply (const Mesh &inputMesh) const
const bool & serializeLocal () const
bool & serializeLocal ()

Private Attributes

bool serializeLocal_

Detailed Description

MeshTransformation is the user-level interface for mesh filters, i.e., objects that take an input mesh and produce a new mesh. Examples of filter operations are refinement, load balancing, and extrusion from 2D to 3D.


extrude a 2D mesh into 2D

 // create a 2D mesh 
 MeshType meshType = new BasicSimplicialMeshType();
 MeshSource mesher = new PartitionedRectangleMesher(0.0, 1.0, 10, 1,
                                                    0.0, 1.0, 10, 1,
 Mesh mesh2D = mesher.getMesh();
 // create a filter for extruding 2 levels between z=0.0 and z=0.2
 MeshTransformation extruder = new ExtrusionMeshTransformation(0.0, 0.2, 2);
 // perform the extrusion
 Mesh mesh3D = extruder.apply(mesh2D);

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MeshTransformation::MeshTransformation (  ) 

Construct an empty mesh filter object

Definition at line 10 of file SundanceMeshTransformation.cpp.

MeshTransformation::MeshTransformation ( Playa::Handleable< MeshTransformationBase > *  rawPtr  ) 

Construct from a raw pointer to a mesh filter subtype

Definition at line 14 of file SundanceMeshTransformation.cpp.

MeshTransformation::MeshTransformation ( const RCP< MeshTransformationBase > &  smartPtr  ) 

Construct from a smart pointer to a mesh filter subtype

Definition at line 19 of file SundanceMeshTransformation.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Mesh MeshTransformation::apply ( const Mesh inputMesh  )  const

apply the filter to create a new mesh

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References Playa::Handle< MeshTransformationBase >::ptr().

bool& Sundance::MeshTransformation::serializeLocal (  )  [inline]

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References serializeLocal_.

const bool& Sundance::MeshTransformation::serializeLocal (  )  const [inline]

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References serializeLocal_.

Member Data Documentation

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