Sundance::CurveNormExpr Class Reference

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Sundance::EvaluatableExpr Sundance::GenericEvaluatorFactory< CurveNormExpr, CurveNormEvaluator > Sundance::ScalarExpr Sundance::EvaluatorFactory Sundance::FuncSetAccumulator Sundance::ObjectWithClassVerbosity< EvaluatableExpr > Sundance::EvaluatorFactory Sundance::ExprBase Playa::ObjectWithVerbosity Playa::Handleable< ExprBase >

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Public Member Functions

 CurveNormExpr (int dir, const std::string &name="")
virtual ~CurveNormExpr ()
virtual XMLObject toXML () const
int dir () const
const std::string & name () const
virtual std::ostream & toText (std::ostream &os, bool paren) const
virtual Set< MultipleDerivinternalFindW (int order, const EvalContext &context) const
virtual RCP< ExprBasegetRcp ()
virtual bool lessThan (const ScalarExpr *other) const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string coordName (int dir, const std::string &name)

Private Attributes

int dir_
std::string name_

Detailed Description

CurveNormExpr is an expression that returns the Cartesian coordinate component of the normal vector. Which dimensional component will be returned can be specified in the constructor argument.
The normal vector of the curve is always pointing outwards. This outwards direction is in terms of the parameterized curve equation from positive values to negative values.

Definition at line 50 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CurveNormExpr::CurveNormExpr ( int  dir,
const std::string &  name = "" 

Definition at line 41 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.cpp.

virtual Sundance::CurveNormExpr::~CurveNormExpr (  )  [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 58 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

string CurveNormExpr::coordName ( int  dir,
const std::string &  name 
) [static]

Definition at line 62 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.cpp.

int Sundance::CurveNormExpr::dir (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 64 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

References dir_.

Referenced by Sundance::CurveEvalMediator::evalCurveNormExpr(), and lessThan().

virtual RCP<ExprBase> Sundance::CurveNormExpr::getRcp (  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements Playa::Handleable< ExprBase >.

Definition at line 87 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

Set< MultipleDeriv > CurveNormExpr::internalFindW ( int  order,
const EvalContext context 
) const [virtual]

bool CurveNormExpr::lessThan ( const ScalarExpr other  )  const [virtual]

Ordering operator for use in transforming exprs to standard form

Implements Sundance::ScalarExpr.

Definition at line 47 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.cpp.

References dir().

const std::string& Sundance::CurveNormExpr::name (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 67 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

References name_.

Referenced by toText(), and toXML().

virtual std::ostream& Sundance::CurveNormExpr::toText ( std::ostream &  os,
bool  paren 
) const [inline, virtual]

Write a simple text description suitable for output to a terminal

Implements Sundance::ExprBase.

Definition at line 71 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

References name().

XMLObject CurveNormExpr::toXML (  )  const [virtual]

Implements Sundance::ExprBase.

Definition at line 54 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.cpp.

References dir_, name(), and Teuchos::toString().

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 95 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

Referenced by dir(), and toXML().

std::string Sundance::CurveNormExpr::name_ [private]

Definition at line 96 of file SundanceCurveNormExpr.hpp.

Referenced by name().

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