Playa::NonlinearSolver< Scalar > Class Template Reference

Inheritance diagram for Playa::NonlinearSolver< Scalar >:

Playa::Handle< NonlinearSolverBase< Scalar > >

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Public Member Functions

 NonlinearSolver ()
 NonlinearSolver (Handleable< NonlinearSolverBase< Scalar > > *rawPtr)
 NonlinearSolver (const RefCountPtr< NonlinearSolverBase< Scalar > > &smartPtr)
SolverState< Scalar > solve (const NonlinearOperator< Scalar > &F, Vector< Scalar > &soln) const

Detailed Description

template<class Scalar>
class Playa::NonlinearSolver< Scalar >

Definition at line 19 of file PlayaNonlinearSolver.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Scalar>
Playa::NonlinearSolver< Scalar >::NonlinearSolver (  )  [inline]

Empty ctor

template<class Scalar>
Playa::NonlinearSolver< Scalar >::NonlinearSolver ( Handleable< NonlinearSolverBase< Scalar > > *  rawPtr  )  [inline]

Construct a NonlinearSolver<Scalar> with a raw pointer to a NonlinearSolverBase<Scalar>

template<class Scalar>
Playa::NonlinearSolver< Scalar >::NonlinearSolver ( const RefCountPtr< NonlinearSolverBase< Scalar > > &  smartPtr  )  [inline]

Construct a NonlinearSolver<Scalar> with a smart pointer to a NonlinearSolverBase<Scalar>

Member Function Documentation

template<class Scalar>
SolverState<Scalar> Playa::NonlinearSolver< Scalar >::solve ( const NonlinearOperator< Scalar > &  F,
Vector< Scalar > &  soln 
) const [inline]

Definition at line 26 of file PlayaNonlinearSolver.hpp.

Referenced by Sundance::NonlinearProblem::solve().

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