Playa::EpetraGhostImporter Class Reference

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Playa::GhostImporter< double >

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Public Member Functions

 EpetraGhostImporter (const RCP< const Epetra_Map > &epetraMap, int nGhost, const int *ghostElements)
virtual ~EpetraGhostImporter ()
virtual void importView (const Vector< double > &x, RCP< GhostView< double > > &ghostView) const

Private Attributes

RCP< const Epetra_Map > localMap_
RCP< const Epetra_Map > ghostMap_
RCP< Epetra_Import > importer_

Detailed Description

Ghost element importer for Epetra vectors

Definition at line 25 of file PlayaEpetraGhostImporter.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Playa::EpetraGhostImporter::EpetraGhostImporter ( const RCP< const Epetra_Map > &  epetraMap,
int  nGhost,
const int *  ghostElements 

Definition at line 23 of file PlayaEpetraGhostImporter.cpp.

virtual Playa::EpetraGhostImporter::~EpetraGhostImporter (  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual dtor

Definition at line 33 of file PlayaEpetraGhostImporter.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Playa::EpetraGhostImporter::importView ( const Vector< double > &  x,
RCP< GhostView< double > > &  ghostView 
) const [virtual]

Import the ghost elements of the given vector as specified during construction of this object.

Implements Playa::GhostImporter< double >.

Definition at line 55 of file PlayaEpetraGhostImporter.cpp.

References Playa::EpetraVector::getConcrete(), and Playa::EpetraGhostView::import().

Member Data Documentation

RCP<const Epetra_Map> Playa::EpetraGhostImporter::ghostMap_ [private]

Definition at line 45 of file PlayaEpetraGhostImporter.hpp.

RCP<Epetra_Import> Playa::EpetraGhostImporter::importer_ [private]

Definition at line 47 of file PlayaEpetraGhostImporter.hpp.

RCP<const Epetra_Map> Playa::EpetraGhostImporter::localMap_ [private]

Definition at line 43 of file PlayaEpetraGhostImporter.hpp.

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