PlayaErrorPolling.hpp File Reference

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class  Playa::ErrorPolling
 ErrorPolling provides utilities for establishing agreement between processors on whether an std::exception has been detected on any one processor. More...


namespace  Playa
 Playa is a collection of high-level objects for linear algebra.



Define Documentation

#define TEUCHOS_POLL_FOR_FAILURES ( comm   ) 


TEUCHOS_TEST_FOR_EXCEPTION(Playa::ErrorPolling::pollForFailures(comm), \
                     std::runtime_error,                                     \
                     "off-processor error detected by proc=" << (comm).getRank());
This macro polls all processors in the given communicator to find out whether an error has been reported by a call to ErrorPolling::reportFailure(comm).

comm [in] The communicator on which polling will be done

Definition at line 82 of file PlayaErrorPolling.hpp.

Referenced by Playa::MPIComm::allGather(), Playa::MPIComm::allGatherv(), Playa::MPIComm::allToAll(), Playa::MPIComm::allToAllv(), Playa::MPIComm::bcast(), Playa::MPIComm::gather(), Playa::MPIComm::gatherv(), and Playa::MPIComm::synchronize().

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