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namespace  Playa
 Playa is a collection of high-level objects for linear algebra.


void dgesv_ (int *n, int *nrhs, double *a, int *lda, int *ipiv, double *b, int *ldb, int *info)
void dgesvd_ (char *jobu, char *jobvt, int *m, int *n, double *a, int *lda, double *s, double *u, int *ldu, double *vt, int *ldvt, double *work, int *lwork, int *info)
SolverState< double > Playa::denseSolve (const LinearOperator< double > &A, const Vector< double > &b, Vector< double > &x)
void Playa::denseSVD (const LinearOperator< double > &A, LinearOperator< double > &U, Vector< double > &Sigma, LinearOperator< double > &Vt)

Function Documentation

void dgesv_ ( int *  n,
int *  nrhs,
double *  a,
int *  lda,
int *  ipiv,
double *  b,
int *  ldb,
int *  info 

Referenced by Playa::denseSolve().

void dgesvd_ ( char *  jobu,
char *  jobvt,
int *  m,
int *  n,
double *  a,
int *  lda,
double *  s,
double *  u,
int *  ldu,
double *  vt,
int *  ldvt,
double *  work,
int *  lwork,
int *  info 

Referenced by Playa::denseSVD().

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