Campus Pictures

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The east side of TTU's campus, in particular the buildings nearby the Memorial Circle, are of the early 1900's. The campus has a beauty of its own, it belongs what is usually called Spanish Renaissance style. It is quite different from other popular Spanish styles of arquitechture such as the Mission-style, the usual Spanish Colonial style (white stucco + red tiling), and the Pueblo-style (e.g. UNM campus uses Pueblo-style). A simple search in Google images will show a few interesting pictures of TTU's campus, but overall, there isn't really much out there, and most of what you can find has quite low resolution. For the time being, I decided to add a few pictures here, all of them are reasonably high-resolution. If you are using Google Chrome you might want to use the feature "Open image in new tab", or just download the image and use your favorite image viewer for full-screen enjoyment:
Hopefully, I will add more pictures as time allows, there is plenty of things to capture with the camera. For some historical background, you might also want to check here and here too. It is worth mentioning that there is a large collection art/sculptures scattered around campus (I should take pictures of those too).