Test Time and Proctor Forms

Rules: No calculators. Students are only allowed to have blank paper and pencil (or pen) and the formula sheets from the class webpage with integrals/derivatives and the formulas for Chapters 1 and 2.

  1. I.    Student:login to webwork The simplest way to get there is to go to directly to


  1. II.  Student:   Go to homework sets and click on Exam1

  2. III.   Proctor:  Enter special password to allow students to begin the  exam (see the following figure)


  1. IV.  Student:   The student has 75 minutes to complete two submissions of the exam

         (see instructions below).

V. Student & Proctor: I have arranged for the student to have two opportunities to submit answers during the 75 minutes. This is accomplished in two steps: (1) Work through the test and then click “Grade Test”. The the proctor will have to authenticate the submission by entering their login name and password; (2) The test will then reopen showing which problems are correct and which have some part wrong. This gives students a chance to change any answers they like. When they have finished the second time they simply repeat the closing procedure: Student clicks “Grade Test” and Proctor proctor authenticates with their login name and password. These two options do not give any extended time. Both must be completed within the allotted 75 minutes. So use your time wisely.

  1. V. Student:  Log out of webwork and the test is over.

Instructions for Test


Exams will be administered using WeBWorK on a computer connected to the internet. During the exams students will only be allowed to use a browser and webwork plus any additional resources specifically offered by the instructor.

All students living within a reasonable driving distance of Texas Tech University are asked to take these exams on the Texas Tech Campus. For this there are two main options: (A) Instructor proctored in a Department of Mathematics computer lab (No Charge); (B) The Texas Tech Academic Testing Service (Charge - $20 per test). Students will be required to contact ATS to set up a test time at (806) 742-367. AST is in West Hall room 214.

Any students not living within reasonable driving distance from Lubbock will be required to find a suitable proctor and submit proctor verification form. The primary alternative for testing proctors will be The National College Testing Association. A link to their national and international database is available at the following link

National College Testing Association

There are a few other options  for  legitimate proctors but all exams must be proctored according to strict  guidelines  to ensure the proper individual is taking the exam and that all  rules are strictly adhered to. In particular it is imperative that exams are monitored.  A candidate for exam proctor will be asked to sign a form swearing to abide by the rules of examination for the class. 


No matter which of the above  methods a students chooses  they will be required to fill out a proctor verification form. This form  is a fillable pdf file which is available at the following link

Proctor Selection Form in PDF      

A sample exam will be posted in WeBWorK several days in advance of an exam giving students an opportunity to see exactly the types of problems that will be on the actual exam and they can become comfortable with the timed, proctored exam environment.


The exams are timed and password protected. The proctor will enter the password in order for the student to begin the  75 minutes allotted for the exam.  In order to receive a grade for the test it  must be submitted twice before the time expires. 

The simplest  and most reasonable option for taking an exam is the instructor proctored exams in the math department computer lab.  In the event a student cannot come to one of these test times students will need to contact me with the proctor information.

For Math Department Testing, students will be allowed to choose from a  fixed set of available times. The scheduled times  for Exam 2 will be  Tuesday March 22,  7:30   AM,    1:00   PM,  or 6:00 PM. If you cannot attend one of these then you need to find a proctor for your exam.  The exam must be taken between Monday March 21st and Wednesday March 23rd.  The best alternative is the Texas Tech Academic Testing Service.

For Students Electing to use Instructor Proctored Exams

Select Test Time and Date Below