Chris Monico
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-1042

Office: MA 252


My curriculum vitae (cv) and my Google Scholar profile

  • D.R.L. Brown, C. Monico. More forging (and patching) of tropical signatures. Preprint, 2023.

  • M. Tharp, B. Howe, Z. Turkowski, M. McKay, A. Brito, E. Velasquez, C. Monico, M. Klein. Lateral Visuomotor Distortions and Their Effects on Performance Carry-Over Effects in a Simulated Laparoscopic Environment. roceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 2023.

  • C. Monico. Division in the plactic monoid, Journal of Algebra and Its Applications, to appear. Here is some C source code implementing these algorithms.

  • D. Rudy, C. Monico. Remarks on a Tropical Key Exchange System, J. Math. Cryptol., 15 (2021), 280--283.

  • C. Monico. Remarks on MOBS and cryptosystems using semidirect products. preprint (2021).

  • C. Monico, A. Mahalanobis A remark on MAKE -- a Matrix Action Key Exchange, (2020).

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  • C. Monico. Computing the primary decomposition of zero-dimensional ideals. J. of Symbolic Computation, 34 (2002) 451--459. (The algorithm from this paper has been implemented in the ``primdec.lib'' library of the computer algebra package Singular.)

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  • C. Monico, J. Rosenthal and A. Shokrollahi. Using low density parity check codes in the McEliece cryptosystem. Proceedings 2000 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory.

    Students directed:

  • Dylan Rudy, Ph.D., ``Vulnerabilities of some semidirect products in Diffie-Hellman key exchanges.'' 2021 (co-directed with D. McCarthy).
  • Yang Zhang, Ph.D., ``An Investigation of Some Public Key Exchange Cryptosystems.'' 2017.
  • Katie Bishop, M.S. (thesis), ``Iteration functions for Pollard's rho method on elliptic curve groups.'' 2016.
  • Ashley Ray, M.S. (thesis), ``A representation of Chaocipher .'' 2012.
  • Kristine Seaman, M.S. (thesis), ``Kryptos.'' 2012. (co-directed with M. Neusel)
  • Ernee Kozyreff, M.S. (report), ``Grobner basis and the ideal membership problem.'' 2012.
  • Bo Gilbert, M.S. (report), ``Properties of happy numbers.'' 2011. (co-directed with R. Barnard)
  • Robert Danhof, M.S. (report), ``A Primer on the elliptic curve method.'' 2011.
  • Arunabha Biswas, M.S. (report), ``A report on the state of Grimm's conjecture.'' 2010. (co-directed with R. Barnard)
  • Ronnie Williams, M.S. (thesis), ``Cubic polynomials in the number field sieve.'', 2010.
  • Raymond Dick, M.S. (thesis), ``An additive characterization of quadratic residues in finite fields.'', 2009.
  • Aftab Farooqi, Ph.D. EE, ``Markov source based test length optimized SCAN-BIST architecture.'' 2008.
  • Steven Lawless, M.S. (thesis), ``Super-resolution by local function approximation.'' 2007.
  • Anton Badev, M.S. (report), ``Constructing utility functions in infinite-dimensional Banach spaces.'' 2007.
  • Michael Peterson, M.S. (thesis), ``Parallel block Lanczos for solving large binary systems.'' 2006.
  • Memet Bulut, M.S. (report), ``An introduction to Schoof's algorithm.'' 2006.
  • Brian Miller, M.S. (thesis), ``A construction of arithmetic progression-free sequences.'' 2004.