I am training to develop my teaching practice, both through the Mathematical Association of America's Project NExT and Texas Tech's STEM Teaching, Engagement & Pedaogy Program. Here are some "things to expect" if you enroll in a course with me.


I want you to succeed and understand that you have a life outside the classroom. We can work to find appropriate accommodations for anything that might impact your participation in our course.


I will emphasize connections between our course and other courses that you might take. As much as possible, I will emphasize the utility of what we cover for the class' specific majors and career interests.


I will expect you to write and speak about mathematical ideas. This helps me understand what you're learning and thinking. Explaining your reasoning is also a valuable skill for any technical career.


I am adopting classroom activities that require your engagement during lecture periods. These methods will help you learn and remember the material covered in class, but I know that it takes time to become comfortable with them.

Courses Taught

  • Mathematical Models in Biology
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus III
  • Differential Equations

Next Courses

  • Math 3350 (F20)
  • Math 3350 (S21)
  • Graduate topics



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Virtual Office (drop ins welcome) - Schedule a Meeting (no need to ask) - amanda.laubmeier@ttu.edu - Math 117B (by appt. only)