I pursued supplemental training to develop my teaching practice, both through the Mathematical Association of America's Project NExT and Texas Tech's STEM Teaching, Engagement & Pedaogy Program. Here are some "things to expect" if you enroll in a course with me.


I think the toughest part of a math class is trying to follow the steps from examples when you have new problems to solve. I use a flipped format so that you can get help from me during that process. You will watch lecture videos and examples before class, and then we will work on practice problems during class.

To make lecture videos easier to follow, I provide skeleton notes for each video. You can view example videos and notes to the right. I also understand watching lecture videos is a time investment. To make up for this time, I always dedicate a chunk of our class period to homework problems.

Applications and Communication

I will emphasize connections between our course and other courses that you might take. As much as possible, I will emphasize the utility of what we cover for the class' specific majors and career interests. I usually incorporate application-oriented projects in classes, and you can see one example to the right.

I will expect you to write and speak about mathematical ideas, through projects or open-ended exam questions. This helps me understand what you're learning and thinking. Explaining your reasoning is also a valuable skill for any technical career.


I want you to succeed and understand that you have a life outside the classroom. We can work to find appropriate accommodations for anything that might impact your participation in our course. I offer virtual, asynchronous office hours in each course, so that you can get help if my in-person office hours do not fit your schedule.