Parameterizing foodwebs using species traits

We are interested in the outcomes of predator-prey interactions between insects. To parameterize these interactions, we leverage a "trait-based" description, in which ecological interactions (e.g., attack rates) are explicitly described in terms of insect biology (e.g., metabolism).

The motivation for this work is to reduce the burden of data collection for model fitting and isolate the interactions leading to different pest control outcomes. Below are some important components of the research.

  • Effects of body mass on mobility, predation
  • Effects of habitat use on encounter rates
  • Fitting to experimental data (field and lab)

This project is nearing completion and the model is in use for another project. There may be some room to study more efficient use of associated experimental data, including details maps of mesocosm habitat use.


Note: Mattias Jonsson and Michael Traugott also contributed to this work, but their involvement pre-dated my own.

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