Pesticide effects on colony viability

Bumblebees provide crucial ecosystem services by pollinating crops and sustaining global food sources. These services are at risk due to recent declines in bumblebee populations and diversity, and so we investigate how bumblebee decline may be exacerbated by pesticide use.

The key contribution of this work is in demonstrating how "sublethal" pesticide effects (e.g. impaired reproduction or mobility) impact population decline, whereas pesticide regulation generally concerns lethal doses. Below are some important components of the research.

  • Resource-dependent reproduction
  • Discrete-time delays (DDE)
  • Numerical approximations, proof of convergence
  • Investigating sublethal pesticide effects

This project is currently inactive, pending additional empirical information or modelling directions.


Note: Kristen Tillman and Maj Rundlöf also contributed to the below work, but their involvement pre-dated my own.

Publication List

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