Russell & Charlotte

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August 2009


Pediatrician visit today. All went well. The babies got vaccines and a blood test, so they weren't so happy about that. Grammy-Sue came with along to help with the babies. (We find it best to have them out numbered!)

Charlie now weighs 13 lbs 3 ozs and Russ is 16 lbs 11 ozs!

The pediatrician gave them books, which were a big hit!

Charlotte enjoys her new book.

Perhaps Russell is a little near sighted?

July 2009

Visit up to Amarillo!

Cameron holding the babies.

And entertaining Charlie!

Cameron and Russell

Cameron and Charlotte

Another with Charlotte

Some feeding time pictures
The bottle holding only lasted a few seconds, but it's a start!

Charlotte holding her bottle!

Russ holding his bottle!

Charlie's messy dinner-time face!

Russell is just as messy!

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February 2009

Coming home from the NICU! (coming soon)

NICU days (12/30/08 &ndash 2/17/09)

Birth Announcement / Math Problem Set!

Arrival Day 12/30/2008!