Playa::InitTraits< MV, OP > Class Template Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static RCP< OP > opPtr (const LinearOperator< double > &A)
static RCP< MV > makeMV (int numVecs, const VectorSpace< double > &space)
static Vector< double > vec (const RCP< MV > &mv, int i)

Detailed Description

template<class MV, class OP>
class Playa::InitTraits< MV, OP >

Definition at line 26 of file PlayaAnasaziEigensolverImpl.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class MV , class OP >
static RCP<OP> Playa::InitTraits< MV, OP >::opPtr ( const LinearOperator< double > &  A  )  [static]

template<class MV , class OP >
static RCP<MV> Playa::InitTraits< MV, OP >::makeMV ( int  numVecs,
const VectorSpace< double > &  space 
) [static]

template<class MV , class OP >
static Vector<double> Playa::InitTraits< MV, OP >::vec ( const RCP< MV > &  mv,
int  i 
) [static]

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