Playa::EpetraGhostView Class Reference

#include <PlayaEpetraGhostView.hpp>

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Playa::GhostView< double > Playa::Printable

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Public Member Functions

 EpetraGhostView ()
virtual ~EpetraGhostView ()
bool isAccessible (int globalIndex) const
const double & getElement (int globalIndex) const
void getElements (const int *globalIndices, int numElems, Array< double > &elems) const
void import (const Epetra_Import &importer, const Epetra_Vector &srcObject)
void print (std::ostream &os) const

Detailed Description

Ghost element viewer for Epetra vectors

Definition at line 24 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Playa::EpetraGhostView::EpetraGhostView (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 28 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.hpp.

virtual Playa::EpetraGhostView::~EpetraGhostView (  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual dtor

Definition at line 33 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool Playa::EpetraGhostView::isAccessible ( int  globalIndex  )  const [inline, virtual]

Indicate whether the given global index is accessible in this view

Implements Playa::GhostView< double >.

Definition at line 36 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.hpp.

const double & Playa::EpetraGhostView::getElement ( int  globalIndex  )  const [virtual]

get the element at the given global index

Implements Playa::GhostView< double >.

Definition at line 14 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.cpp.

void Playa::EpetraGhostView::getElements ( const int *  globalIndices,
int  numElems,
Array< double > &  elems 
) const

get the batch of elements at the given global indices

Definition at line 20 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.cpp.

void Playa::EpetraGhostView::import ( const Epetra_Import &  importer,
const Epetra_Vector &  srcObject 

Definition at line 32 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.cpp.

void Playa::EpetraGhostView::print ( std::ostream &  os  )  const [virtual]

Implements Playa::GhostView< double >.

Definition at line 55 of file PlayaEpetraGhostView.cpp.

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