Suddhasattwa Das

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Texas Tech University

Email :
Office : Room 205, Math building.

Brief bio. I did my PhD in Mathematics at the University of Maryland. My initial training was in Ergodic and Differential dynamical systems theory. During my postdoc under Dr. Dimitris Giannakis at the Courant Institute, we discovered several interesting intersections with Dynamical systems theory and RKHS theory. The link is provided by the Koopman operator, a unitary operator representing the dynamics in a Hilbert space. There are also interesting connections with learning theory, dimension reduction and dynamical systems. I started investigations in these direction during my second postdoc under Dr. Tyrus Berry at George Mason University.

Research. My research is centered around Dynamical Systems theory. The basic notion of a dynamics, i.e., a state space along with a transformation, leads to a multitude of phenomenon and structures seen all around us. Dynamics are also present in other mathematical operations and processes. Moreover, the assumption of a dynamical system also provides new insight and new methods of analysis to fields as diverse as Geometry and Learning theory.

You can find more details in these links to my research, my publications, and my resume. These are hosted on my personal website, with links to other writings and musings.

Teaching. I am currently teaching the graduate level Set theory course (MATH 5315).

Recent publications.