Graduate (PhD)

Raymond Holsapple (2006),

Title: Computational Issues in Autonomous Control of Unmanned Air Vehicles

Dinesh Ekanayake (2010)

Title: Robust control of saturating, non-monotone hysteretic systems with nonlinear frequency-dependent power losses

Tina Gaumond (2011)

Title: Optimal control strategies for saccadic eye movements in humans

Bhagya Athukorallage (2014)

Title: Capillarity and Elastic Membrane Theory  from an Energy Point of View

Sanjeewa Karunarathna (expected graduation 2018)

Farzana Nasrin (expected graduation 2018)

Graduate (Masters)

Raymond Holsapple (MS in Math, 2003),

Thesis title: A Modified Simple Shooting Method for Solving Two-Point Boundary Value Problems

Matthew Shirley (MS in Math, 2003),

Thesis title: Identification of Preisach Measures

Ashley Trent (MS in Math, 2004),

Thesis title: Trajectory Re-design using the Modified Simple Shooting Method

Ravi Mahankali (MS in Elec. Engr., 2005; Co-Advised)

Thesis title: Design of a Thermoelectric Cooler System for Polymerase Chain Reaction

Dinesh Ekanayake (MS in Math, 2006)

Thesis title: Wide Band Modeling and Parameter Identification for Magnetostrictive Actuators

Rachelle McNeely (MS in Math. & Stat, 2006)

Thesis title: Trajectory Planning for Micro Air Vehicles in the Presence of Wind

Xiaojing Ren (MS in Math, 2007)

Report title: Issues in the ego-motion estimation problem for unmanned air vehicles

Calandra Brazile (MS in Math, 2009)

Jonathan Millhollon (MS in Math, 2009)

Glen Dale Pearson Jr. (MS in Math, 2010)

Mathew Buyum (MS in Math, 2010)

Mark Lira (MS in Math, 2011)

Bhagya Athukorallage (MS in Math, 2012)

Yu Hua (MS in Stat, 2014)

Elton See (MS in Stat, 2015)

Huiyan Shao (MS in Stat, 2017)

Joseph Heinrich (MS in Math, 2017)


Suzanne McDonald (EE and Honors College; 2005 - 2008),

Research title: Vision based  Navigation for Micro Air Vehicles

Jessica Meixner (Math and Honors College; 2006 - 2008)

Research title: Mathematical Model of the Simple Apposition Compound Eye

Julie Rice (CS and Honors College; 2007 - 2008)

Research title: Ill-posed problems in Mathematics and Physics

Rebecca Lelko (Math and Honors College; 2010-2012)

Elton See (Math; 2011 - 2013)

Jake Heinrich (Math 2011 - 2012)

High School

Larry Zhang (Summer 2013)