An Introduction to Stochastic Processes with Applications to Biology, Second Edition

Linda J. S. Allen

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Review of Probability Theory and an Introduction to Stochastic Processes.
  • Chapter 2: Discrete Time Markov Chains.
  • Chapter 3: Biological Applications of Discrete Time Markov Chains.
  • Chapter 4: Discrete Time Branching Processes.
  • Chapter 5: Continuous-Time Markov Chains.
  • Chapter 6: Continuous-Time Birth and Death Chains.
  • Chapter 7: Biological Applications of Continuous-Time Markov Chains.
  • Chapter 8: Diffusion Processes and Stochastic Differential Equations.
  • Chapter 9: Biological Applications of Stochastic Differential Equations.

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