SundanceVertexSort.hpp File Reference

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namespace  Sundance


template<class T >
void Sundance::insertionSort (Teuchos::Array< T > &A)
void Sundance::vertexSort (Array< int > &verts, int *key)
void Sundance::getKeyedPerm (int key, Array< int > &digits)
int Sundance::iPow (int base, int n)
int Sundance::exFacetIndexToUFCFacetIndex (int meshDim, int permKey, int exFacetID)
int Sundance::ufcFacetIndexToExFacetIndex (int meshDim, int ufcFacetIndex)
int Sundance::exVertPosToUFCVertPos (int meshDim, int permKey, int exVertPos)
int Sundance::mapExSideToMissingVertex (int dim, int exFaceID)
Array< int > Sundance::exSideVertPos (int dim, int sideIndex)
Array< int > Sundance::ufcSideVertPos (int dim, int f)
Array< int > Sundance::ufcSide (int f, const Array< int > &verts)
Array< int > Sundance::exSide (int f, const Array< int > &verts)

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