SundanceMultipleDeriv.cpp File Reference

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namespace  Sundance


Set< MultipleDerivSundance::applyTx (const Set< MultipleDeriv > &S, const MultiIndex &x)
 Tranform the input set S as follows: for each multiple derivative in S, apply the multiindex x to each of its component functional derivatives in turn. Note that the multiindex may have negative indices. Results with negative multiindices are ignored.
Set< MultipleDerivSundance::Xx (const MultiIndex &x)
Set< MultipleDerivSundance::applyZx (const Set< MultipleDeriv > &W, const MultiIndex &x)
 Filter the input set W, allowing only coordinate derivatives in the direction x and functional derivatives whose associated functions have nonzero evaluation points. This function is used in the spatial/functional chain rule to identify those terms resulting from differentiation wrt x or functional derivatives.
int Sundance::factorial (const MultipleDeriv &ms)
MultipleDeriv Sundance::makeMultiDeriv (const Deriv &d)
bool Sundance::hasParameter (const MultipleDeriv &d)

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