SundanceCellType.hpp File Reference

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namespace  Sundance


enum  Sundance::CellType {
  Sundance::NullCell, Sundance::PointCell, Sundance::LineCell, Sundance::TriangleCell,
  Sundance::TetCell, Sundance::QuadCell, Sundance::BrickCell, Sundance::PrismCell
 Enumeration of specific 1D, 2D, and 3D cell types. More...


std::string Sundance::toString (const CellType &c)
 Return a std::string representation of the cell type.
int Sundance::dimension (const CellType &c)
 Return the dimension of the cell type.
int Sundance::numFacets (const CellType &c, int facetDim)
 Return the number of faces of a given facet dimension for a cell type.
CellType Sundance::facetType (const CellType &cellType, int facetDim, int facetIndex)
std::ostream & Sundance::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CellType &c)
 output stream operator for CellType.

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