Katharine Long

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Texas Tech University
Contact: katharine DOT long AT ttu DOT edu
Phone: I don't have an office phone. This is the 21st century. Use email.

I'm an applied mathematician who works in scientific computing and mathematical modeling applied to physics, biology, engineering, and medicine. Currently I work primarily on inverse problems and uncertainty quantification for medical applications of infrared thermography, implicit Runge-Kutta time integrators for partial differential equations, high level finite element software for enabling intrusive algorithms, and analysis of structural sensitivity in nonlinear dynamics. I occasionally dabble in astrophysics, especially galactic dynamics. Common themes in nearly all of my work have been numerical solution of partial and ordinary differential equations, numerical optimization, uncertainty quantification, and high-performance computing.

You can find some of my papers at ResearchGate and at Google Scholar. Along with research, I very much enjoy teaching and mentoring research students.

Stuff about me