A simulator of card games


For a given deal of cards, the simulator performs an arbitrary number of random matches of some card games.
At present, two Italian card games are implemented, Tressette and Beccaccino.
Tressette and Beccaccino are somewhat similar to other card games such as Whist, Spades and Hearts.
The simulator below computes the frequency distribution of the scores.
The moves are consistent with the rules of the games and are determined randomly. Artificial Intelligence is not implemented yet.

The simulator can help answer questions such as:
What would the score have been if another trump was picked?
What was the minimum/maximum possible score for the given deal?
What would the score have been if another player started the game?
How could a small variation of the deal have affected the score?


The maximum number of matches with this number of cards is
(then in the Beccaccino case multiply by the number of suits to account for the choices of the trump)
The number of possible card deals is
The score of a match goes from 0 to


number of matches:
Score distribution for the couple Player 0 - Player 2

Enable text output (check it only for debugging purposes)

Text output: