Rapid Evolution

We use theoretical approaches to explore the connections between rapid evolution and ecological stoichiometry at both the population and ecosystem level. We incorporate rapid evolution into ecological stoichiometric models to investigate the effects of rapid evolution of a consumer’s stoichiometric phosphorus:carbon ratio on consumer–producer population dynamics. We use two complementary approaches, an asexual clonal genotype model and a quantitative genetic model. Model results indicate rapid evolution of the consumer stoichiometric trait can cause complex dynamics where rapid evolution destabilizes population dynamics and rescues the consumer population from extinction (evolutionary rescue). The model results also show that rapid evolution may influence the level of nutrients available in the environment and the flux of nutrients across trophic levels.


M. Yamamichi, C.L. Meunier, A. Peace, C. Prater, M.A. Rua "Rapid evolution of a consumer stoichiometric trait destabilizes consumer-producer dynamics". Oikos. 124: 960-969, 2015.

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