Dr Areti Panaoura is an assistant professor in the Department of Primary University at the School of Education of the Frederick University, Cyprus. She teaches mathematics methods courses for elementary school pre-service teachers and she is one of the academics who were responsible for the development of the New Curriculum of Mathematics and the new textbooks of mathematics at primary education for the Educational System of Cyprus. She is interested in studentsí metacognitive abilities in mathematics, the self-regulatory performance, and the use of different representations for many mathematical concepts and the development of pre-service and in-service teachersí creative ability.

Dr Georgia Maki-Panaoura is a researcher at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. She is one of the writers of the new textbooks in the teaching of mathematics for the educational system of Cyprus and she belongs at the group of researchers who are responsible for the teachersí in-service training. She is interested in the development of studentsí geometrical abilities in relation to spatial abilities and the development of in-service teachers to use inquiry based procedures.