Gwen Johnson is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at the University of North Texas at Dallas, where she has taught since 2010. Her area of expertise is in mathematics education, particularly at the upper-elementary and middle-grades levels. She teaches graduate-level Education courses related to mathematics content and undergraduate Mathematics courses for teacher candidates. 


Theresa Jorgensen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her research and professional interests in mathematics focus on the mathematical education of teachers, vertical connections within mathematics curricula, and program development. 


Sarah Quebec Fuentes is currently an Associate Professor in mathematics education at Texas Christian University. Prior to receiving her doctoral degree, she was a middle and high school mathematics teacher for 10 years. Her research focuses on classroom discourse, preservice teacher education, teacher knowledge, educative curriculum materials, teacher self-efficacy, collaboration, and developing fraction sense.


Christopher Kribs is a Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. He holds a joint appointment in Mathematics (mathematical biology) and Curriculum & Instruction. His research interests in mathematics education include K-8 students' invented strategies, teacher professional development, and classroom discourse analysis.


Christina L. Gawlik, PhD is the owner of CLG Consulting LLC, which provides collaborative and consulting services to education institutions and leaders in small businesses. She develops mathematics curriculum in various mediums for collegiate and K-12 levels. Her prior experience includes teaching in university and high school settings.




Author Note

The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of Colleen Eddy, Winifred Mallam, Yolanda Parker, John M. Switzer, Elizabeth Ward, and Nicholas Wasserman.