Walter I. Seaman is a University of Iowa Associate Professor of Mathematics.  His math research specialty is Differential Geometry. He has been actively involved with uses of technology and other curricular reform efforts in the teaching of mathematics classes for pre service and in service teachers and with undergraduates and graduate students in mathematics and sciences. He recently has been focusing on teaching math courses for elementary education majors.

He served as a visiting Associate Professor of Education at the Pennsylvania State University during the two years 2000-2002.  He is one of the principal investigators of a State of Iowa Department of Education Mathematics and Sciences Partnership grant which focuses on mathematics and science professional development for about forty elementary school teachers.  His email is


Michael E. Matthews is a University of Nebraska at Omaha Assistant Professor of Mathematics.  His major research specialties include mathematical preparation of preservice teachers and calculator usage. He is actively involved in developing new material and techniques for improving undergraduate mathematical preparation of elementary and secondary teachers. His email is