Texas Tech University

2017 MCM Market Horse Race
Feb. 20, 2017 - May 26, 2017

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The competition will be creating a portfolio through May 26, 2017 using data from Non-US (XUS), Global (GL), and Emerging Markets (EM) from 1999 - Nov. 2016 for the annual MCM Horse Race!

The(IBM) jrd -guerard file contained updated U.S. information from the original JOI_GUERARD and Saxena JOI studies of 2011-2012. The underlying, original paper is entitled “Investing with Momentum” , was published in The Journal of Investing (JOI-GUERARD). The Global expected returns, run over similar conditions was published in the IBM Journal of Research and Development, as 06601697.pdf.

The Horse Race conditions are as Follows:

1. Maximize the Geometric Mean over the 1/1997- 12/2016 period using the CTEF and REG10 (USER, GLER) series (high values are preferred) as tilts;
2. Maximum buy turnover is 8% monthly;
3. Minimum Threshold Position is .35% (35 basis points);
4. Maximum Mean-Variance weight in any security is 4%; one can use benchmark weight +/- 2%;

Competition Information

Risk-Based and Factor Investing (Warning Large File Size)

Horse Race of Risk-Based Portfolio Construction Techniques

Efficient Global Portfolios: Big data and investment universes

Feature Selection for Portfolio Optimization

Geometric Mean Maximization: Expected, Observed, and Simulated Performance

International Journal of Forecasting

The Journal of Investing

Improving the Investment Process with a Custom Risk Model: A Case Study with the GLER Model

Global Stock Selection Modeling and Erricient Portfolio Construction and Management

Investing with Momentum: The Past, Present, and Future

The role of effective corporate decisions in the creation of efficient portfolios

Topics in Applied Investment Management: From a Bayesian Viewpoint

An Empirical Case Study of Factor Alignment Problems Using the USER Model

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For any information regarding the competition, please email Dr. Zari Rachev.


The event is sponsored by the Mathematics and Statistics Department of Texas Tech University and McKinley Capital Management, LLC.