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Introduction to WeBWorK for Students
How to Enter Answers in WeBWorK?

Introduction to WeBWorK for Students

I. What is WeBWorK ?


WeBWorK is a system that allows professors to put the homework problems on the web and allows students to solve these problems over the web. Using WeBWorK, students may try to answer homework problems more than once. After each try, a message appears telling the student whether the answer is correct or not. This allows students to try to find out what they did wrong and hopefully to understand the topic of the question better.


II. How to use WeBWorK to do your homework


Using WeBWorK is quite simple. Below are the basic steps on how to get started.

NOTE: Most pages of WeBWorK also contain directions. Therefore, if you are ever unsure of what you should do, try reading the directions and descriptions on the page at which you are looking.

  1. Find a computer with Internet access.


  2. Log on to WeBWorK:


  3. Look at the problem sets


  4. Print out the Problem set


  5. Work out the homework -- On Paper!


  6. Submit your answers


  7. Look at a summary of your WeBWorK homework scores.

    This is the second section of the "Begin Problem Sets Page." If you click on the button 'Get Summary', you will see your current scores for all available problem sets.


  8. Logout when you are done

IV. Important facts to know

How to Enter Answers in WeBWorK

  1. Mathematical Symbols Available in WeBWorK

  2. Syntax for entering expressions

  3. Intervals in WeBWorK

  4. Mathematical Constants Available In WeBWorK

  5. Scientific Notation Available In WeBWorK

  6. Cube roots and such

  7. Mathematical Functions Available In WeBWorK

    This page (modified somewhat) is from UR WeBWorK Docs