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External Funding

  • Noyce: TTNS-II, Dwyer, Jerry; Aguirre, Zenaida; Cañas-Carrell, Jaclyn; Stevens, Tara; Williams, G., NSF, 2014-2018. Co-PI, $799,643.
  • S-STEM: South Plains Math Fellows, Colmia, Krista; Dwyer, Jerry; Pearce, Kent; Wade, Margaret; Williams, G., NSF, 2014-2019, Co-PI, $645,030
  • Proyecto English Learner Science and Math Education, Aguirre, Zenaida; Lamp, David; Ortiz, Rebecca; Williams, G. Brock, US Department of Education, 2011-2016, Co-PI, $1,969,989
  • PRISM: RMR-TTU: Recruitment, Mentoring, and Research in Mathematics and Science at Texas Tech University, Canas, Jaclyn; Jerry Dwyer; Nancy McIntyre; Sophia Jang; G. Brock Williams, NSF 2010-2015, PI, $1,457,733
  • Middle School Math/Science MS^2: Understanding by Design, Aguirre, Zenaida; Casadonte, Dominick; Lamp, David; McGinley, Mark; Ortiz, Rebecca; Williams, G. Brock, Greater Texas Foundation, 2009-2013, Co-PI, $1,500,000
  • Building Bridges: Integrating Mathematics, Engineering, and Science on the South Plains, Baker, Mary; Casadonte, Dominick; Lamp, David; Williams, G. Brock, NSF, 2008-2013, Co-PI, $2,971,630
  • South Plains Math Scholars, Barnard, Roger W; O'Boyle, Michael; Pearce, Kent; Toda, Magdalena; Williams, G. Brock, NSF, 2007-20013, PI, $571,580
  • Conferences on Complex Analysis, Circle Packing, and Applications, Pearce, Kent; Richards, Kendall; Solynin, Alex; Williams, G. Brock, NSF, 2007-2008, PI, $15,784
  • Quasiconformal Mappings, Geometric Functions, and Applications, Barnard, Roger W.; Williams, G. Brock, NSF, 2005-2007, Co-PI, $47,520
  • Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics Through Professional Development Partnerships, Dwyer, Jerry; Harris, Gary; Stevens, Tara; Williams, G. Brock, Texas Education Administration, 2005-2006, Co-PI, $108,000
  • LearnStar: Invigorating Undergraduate Education in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Psychology, Blake, Bob; Borrego, Joaquin; Cohen, Lee; Williams, G. Brock, NSF, 2003-2006, Co-PI, $99,952

Internal Funding

  • Growing the Graduate Program, Pearce, Kent; Seaquist, Carl; Williams, G. Brock, 2008-2009, Co-PI, $22,000
  • Growing the Graduate Program, Pearce, Kent; Seaquist, Carl; Williams, G. Brock, 2007-2008, Co-PI, $7,400
  • Biomedical Imaging Using Circle Packings, Williams, G. Brock, 2001-2002, PI, $3,000