My teaching is student-centered and evidence-based. I engage my students through creating an active learning environment where learning is driven by inquiry and collaboration. Evidence shows that a productive struggle in the mathematics classroom improves student retention and understanding, so I encourage my students to experience this by incorporating inquiry-based learning into my daily class routine.

Fall 2017 Teaching (at TTU)

Courses taught at Texas Tech University:

  • Math 1300 - Contemporary Mathematics
  • Math 2360 - Linear Algebra
  • Math 2450 - Calculus III

Courses taught at University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

  • Math 203 and Math 203J - Contemporary mathematics
  • Math 300 - Mathematics Matters (for preservice elementary teachers)
  • Math 101 - College Algebra (instructor, course convener, and curriculum developer)
  • Math 221 - Differential Equations
  • Math 103 - College Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Math 808T - Concepts of calculus (assistant instructor)
  • Math 896 - Capstone course for masters students (advised and mentored masters students)
  • IMMERSE - Bridge program to graduate school
  • Math 107 - Calculus II (recitation instructor)
  • Math 106 - Calculus I (recitation instructor)

For a complete list of courses taught, please download my CV.

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