Exercise #2 Due Feb 10

Part A

Beginning in 1996, mandatory placement assessment was required at Texas Tech before a student could enroll in Calculus I.

Choose either two Calc I student evaluation sets or two Calc II student evaluation sets. (One of the sets should be prior to 1996 and one of the sets should be after 1996.)

For each data set:

  1. Sort the data by the question type from the Evaluation Form
  2. Q 1. The overall quality of this courses was:

    Q 2. The overall effectiveness of the instructor was:

    Q 3. I would tell other students that the instructor was:

  3. Sort each of the grouped questions by the Weighted Mean (Response)
  4. Compute for each of the three groups of questions a new composite Weighted Mean (Repsonse) for the semester
  5. Excel = 5, Good = 4, Average = 3, Weak = 2, Poor = 1

  6. Make a conclusion about whether there is any evidence from the data sets you examined to support a conclusion that there has been a positive change in student perceptions of Calc I or Calc II when comparing pre-mandatory placement assessment to post-mandatory placement assessment.

Part B

Choose a dataset from the StatLib DataSets Archive for which there is at least one discrete variable and one continuous variable, e.g.,