Exercise #1 Due Feb 3

In the workbook gradebook.xls make the following computations:

  1. Reposition the Final column between the columns Homework and Total1.
  2. Compute the averages and the grades by Method #1 and Method #2. (Standard scale 90-100=A, 80-89 = B, etc)
    NB In-class modification, the letter grades (Method #1 and Method #2) do not need to be computed.
  3. Compute class averages for each exam, groupwork, homework, final, Average1, Average2
  4. How many averages in the Average2 column were more than the average for the Average2 column? How many were less?

Note 1. Each exam, groupwork, homework and final score is based on 100 points maximum

Note 2. Methods for computing final grades: